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Anna Tarner
Anna Tarner is a senior at John Adams and has been involved in The Tower for over a year. She decided on joining the school newspaper since writing is one of her interests and she finds freedom in writing about ideas that come to her. Alongside writing, she’s very passionate about nature, biology, and art. Topics like climate change, environmental issues, women’s rights, equality and more are very important to her. For example, her series, Feminist Icons, highlights people who believe in womens rights and challenges the stigmatism on feminists. She’s also involved in the Yearbook as the Editor-in-Chief, Swimming, Spanish Club, JAVA, SASS, and in a band called Sunnyside. 

Anna also is a person who is very artistic, creative, and connected to the world around her. Some of her favorite things to do indoors are paint, listen to music, or anything artsy that comes to mind. However, when she goes outdoors, she enjoys meditating and truly be in her surroundings. Furthermore, despite being a writer, she wants to be a marine biologist, mainly because she loves the ocean and its inhabitants and has wanted to become one ever since she was little. 

Anna is very passionate about The Tower and is glad that she had joined. She strives to write great and digestible articles for many people, in school and out, to read at their leisure and learn something new. She also strives to do her best for The Tower and for the people who are a part of the team, whether it be staff or readers.

Anna Tarner, Reporter

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Anna Tarner