Tina Rea

Senior Spotlight


Anna Tarner, Senior Spotlights Editor

Tina Rea is a senior here at Adams, and with her talents in the fine arts, language, and school, we at The Tower decided she merited an article for her abilities.
Tina attended Kennedy from kindergarten through fifth grade, and then LaSalle for middle school. Growing up she had an affinity for writing and she says that she wanted to be an author and would “write a bunch of crazy stories” that she realized later in life, “weren’t that good.” But as she grew she branched out into other art forms, which include painting, drawing, pottery and sculpture. She states having “always turned to art during the hardest times.”
Adams wasn’t her original choice of schools. Her brother was a senior when she was a freshman, and although she says that he really liked it and the environment, they had different interests and she thought that Clay would’ve been a better fit because of her talents in the arts. Upon more consideration, she decided on coming here to JA, because “everyone is so passionate about so many different things, and I didn’t want to be surrounded by people who have the exact same interests in me. I wanted to be surrounded by people who explore different and awesome things of their own.”
In school her favorite activities have been, (the obvious one) art, and also Mock Trial, which she says she loves because of “how intense it is,” and that everyone there is so crazy about law and acting, which she “feels right at home in.” Last year she started Art Club, which she says is “the most chill club she’s ever been apart of,” and “it was just people who sat around and painted, which is awesome.” When she’s not in the classroom or one of the art rooms at school, she (not surprisingly) “paints.” A lot of times with the help of her three younger siblings, who are “really noisy and loud” but she “loves them dearly.”
Another one of her passions is singing, and she even writes songs of her own. A classic pairing with Tina is her fireman’s hat and a ukulele as she’s perched upon a stool. “I read a lot of poetry, and through that I learned to make my own songs. Music has helped me seek out the happiest and brightest moments in life, while trying to overcome the difficult ones.”
Anyone who knows Tina or has even seen her free spirit walking the hallways can see her ability to be 100% herself. She gives off an energy that everyone could only hope to emit, though most struggle with. “To be yourself…well you have to know that no one should care about whatever you choose to wear or decisions you choose to make. It’s your life, and if they have an issue with you being yourself then that’s a problem within their own hearts, not with you. When it comes to expressing yourself, it’s only a net game. Anyone that you want in your life will be able to appreciate all your weirdest, strangest parts of yourself.”
Tina also urges younger students to “not be afraid to try, and that can be applicable to any other part of your life. Whether it be trying your best in school, or trying your best to have fun, don’t be afraid to do it.”
As for the future, Tina’s plan (“if all goes well”) to attend college in France, and after listening to her speak fluently for 2 minutes, my question of “are you fluent” was answered. In April she flies out to take exams there and she states that “I’m basically putting my eggs in a basket, but you can’t be afraid to try right?”
We wish Tina all the luck in her future!