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The Tower, based in South Bend, Indiana, is a student-run news source for the John Adams High School community. Founded in 1940, The Tower has reported on topics ranging from school events and student and teacher profiles to local and national news, entertainment, and sports. As aspiring 21st-century reporters, we are expanding our horizons by adding an online edition with audio and video resources.  We are focused on reporting the news truthfully and thoroughly, and we always want to hear the perspective of our readers. We encourage letters from the public, which can be submitted in the “Submit a Letter” tab.


The Talon began six years ago with John Adams High School’s creative writing classes. Students came together and selected submitted written works from students and faculty which were then compiled into a literary magazine. Over the past six years the magazine has grown immensely with multiple students and faculty submitting each year. The arts showcase aspect of the magazine was added to allow the creative talent (in all forms) of John Adams’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni to be displayed.  The Talon has officially moved online and is viewable here:

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