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Golden Tiger
Rare Golden Tiger Sighting Worries Researchers
Olivia Rosato, Reporter • April 12, 2024

A rare golden tiger was recently seen and photographed in northeastern India by a tour guide and safari group. While the tiger appeared to be a pleasant surprise, there is a much darker truth to the seemingly harmless golden tiger that worries researchers. Golden tigers’ remarkable coloring, light with blonde stripes, is a result of a recessive genetic mutation. The extended period of production of pheomelanin, which makes tigers orange, leads to the rare color of golden tigers. These mutated...

Spring Break In South Bend!
Spring Break In South Bend!
Cole Cleveland, Reporter • March 29, 2024
The Blue Talon Quartet
The Blue Talon Quartet
Cole Cleveland, Reporter • March 15, 2024
Allison Kinney
Allison Kinney
Ava Wilson, Reporter • April 12, 2024

Allison Kinney is a kind and hardworking member of John Adams High School. Throughout her time at Adams, Allison has been involved in a wide variety of clubs and sports. As a candidate for the partial International Baccalaureate diploma, she has also participated in swimming during her freshman, sophomore, and senior years, as well as diving during her junior year. Allison is the treasurer for Eagles Going Green and participates in Mental Health Club, National Honor Society, John Adams Volunteer...

Olivia Purcell
Olivia Purcell
Adelyn Rabbitt, Co-Editor-in-Chief • March 15, 2024
Tommy Barton
Tommy Barton
Adelyn Rabbitt, Co-Editor-in-Chief • February 29, 2024
photo credits: Langston Johnson (
KJ Johnston
Ari Subia, Reporter • February 9, 2024
Gwen Clark
Gwen Clark
David Nagy, Creative Director • February 2, 2024
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Source: Lincoln Center Theater
Act One of 'Falsettos': An Analysis of Marvin
Roman Peter, Reporter • April 12, 2024
Marvin from 'Falsettos' is a character full of depth, and his character in Act One draws me in every rewatch.
Hozier on Spotify
A Review of “Unreal Unearth: Unheard”
Lucy O'Brien, Creative Director • April 12, 2024
"Damsel": A Review
Lucy O'Brien, Creative Director • March 22, 2024
How to get a Prom Dress on an Extreme Budget
How to get a Prom Dress on an Extreme Budget
Emily Clark, Editor-in-Chief • March 22, 2024
Netflix- American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders.
The Octopus Murders: How Much Coincidence Leads Fact From Conspiracy?
Jacob Gosz, Reporter • March 29, 2024

Intro Netflix’s hit series, “American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders,” released on Feb. 29, 2024 and quickly gained popularity from...

Crochet is not Overpriced, just made by Hand
Crochet is not Overpriced, just made by Hand
Emily Clark, Editor-in-Chief • February 23, 2024
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Photo By: Kallan Graybill @kgsportsphotography
South Bend Bears Boys Lacrosse: Mid-Season Report
Sofia Nevala , Sports Reporter • April 12, 2024
The Chicago Bears Future
The Chicago Bears' Future
Ari Shemesh, Reporter • March 29, 2024
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