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Sierra Weaver
This year is Sierra’s third year in the newspaper, as she has been in the class since her freshman year. She wants to continue into her senior year as well. Weaver enjoys the class because it has given her good experience during her time being a part of it. She says that the most important thing she has learned from the Newspaper class is how to acclimate to a new social climate, and introduce herself to new people. She hopes to keep things running smoothly and continue on the string of progress that has begun in the last few years. Weaver is also involved in Mock trial, and Model UN, and Student Government. This year she has taken up the role of president in Model UN, and vice president in student government. She is a full IB student, and hopes that the Full IB diploma will increase her chances of getting into a good college. 

Sierra Weaver, Reporter

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Sierra Weaver