JAVA Helps Provide Volunteers for Annual Winter Walk


Each year, John Adams Volunteer Association, more well-known as JAVA, helps with one of St. Margaret’s House’s biggest events: Winter Walk. St. Margaret’s House is a day center that strives to help women and children living in poverty by providing them with necessities and helping them with their “immediate needs.” Winter Walk is an annual fundraiser put on by St. Margaret’s House in an attempt to bring awareness to and support women and children whose only means of transportation is their own feet, regardless of the weather conditions. This year’s walk was held on February 16th and was, like previous years, attended by a large number of volunteers from JAVA. 

JAVA has been helping with the Winter Walk for quite a few years now, even being able to donate $650 after 2019’s walk. The different tasks of JAVA volunteers at the winter walk vary quite a bit. Volunteers were able to sign up for various time slots ranging from around 12:30 to 4:30. JAVA helped to provide volunteers to set up, cheer for walkers, serve food, and aid in navigating the City County Building, which is where the walk began. The overall goal of JAVA each year is to bring in as much energy and provide as much support as they can for the people who choose to show their support for the cause by walking. Vanshika Dixit, a junior and board member of JAVA, discussed JAVA’s role, even before the event, stating, “Board members and Mr. Wilson collect money by wearing fanny packs, creating posters, spreading awareness of the event, organizing with other schools in the area, and encouraging people to vote.” She also talked about the number of volunteers, mentioning that “there were over 40 volunteers from Adams, which is amazing because the more people there are to volunteer, the more people we can help.” 

In going to Winter Walk, it was clear there was an enormous amount of work put into the event by, not only JAVA members, but also the South Bend community. Dixit discussed the success of the year with much optimism, but also brought it back to the overall goal of the fundraiser as she went on to say, “This year was incredibly successful! There was a great turn out from volunteers, not only from Adams, but from all over the community. The weather was great so people felt more inclined to walk for the cause. However, the women and children of St. Margaret’s House must walk regardless of the weather, which is something we must all keep in mind.”