Shane Dawson Releases His Second Series with Jeffree Star


Via Instagram

After over a year of waiting, Shane Dawson released his second series with Jeffree Star. In August 2018, Dawson began a five part series with fellow youtuber and business owner Jeffree Star. The series discussed Star’s life as both an influencer and an owner of several businesses, including his own makeup brand: Jeffree Star Cosmetics. It also touched on more controversial aspects of his life such as past controversies and his involvement in drama within the “beauty community.” During the series, the two creators hinted to a possible second series which would follow the creation of a makeup line. This possibility immediately excited fans of Dawson as well as Star as it would be the first time that a collection of this magnitude would be created almost entirely within the public eye.

This October 1st, Dawson uploaded the first installment of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. The series follows the complete process of creating Shane Dawson’s entire collaboration with Jeffree Star, including two eyeshadow palettes, six liquid lipsticks, a lip gloss, a lip balm, makeup bags, and an entire collection of merch. It also follows Dawson’s own journey in learning how to do makeup just as a consumer. 

From the beginning, the series was set to focus more on the business aspect of the beauty world. The first episode starts with Dawson taking a trip with Star to an opening of a Morphe store in Sacramento. Throughout the entire episode, Dawson discusses his nervousness in entering the beauty community as he feels he will be judged for his appearance. The second episode moves into the actual creation of the Conspiracy Pallett with Dawson attending his first board meeting. It leaves nothing to the imagination as Dawson and Star openly discuss the pricing of the goods and profits. The topic of conversation goes from extreme markups within popular makeup brands to the estimated profits of Dawson’s Conspiracy Pallett, which Star approximates could be upwards of five million within the first launch. They also discuss the NikkiTutorials, another beauty youtuber, collaboration with Too Faced, as Star says she was taken advantage of with only receiving a profit of 0.005%. Dawson also talks about his own experiences collaborating with other companies. 

Later episodes follow Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star in the actual creation and naming of shades. They go through several rounds of testing and designs to approve the final collection. There is also a discussion around a break-in of one of Star’s warehouses, as he loses over a million dollars worth of product. In the final episode, Dawson and Star prepare for the launch of the collection and reveal the final Conspiracy Pallett. There is also another situation in which the two discuss the overall beauty community and the pressure it puts on its members to look a certain way. Dawson brings Morgan Adams, one of his friends, to talk to Star after she returns from a brand trip in which she says she felt extremely excluded and judged. 

At this point in time, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star has six episodes. The collection sold out very quickly within its first launch, even causing Star’s website to crash due to the amount of traffic.  Dawson and Star have both talked about the release of more episodes in the near future which will discuss the actual release of the collection and the public reaction to it. Through the release of the episodes, the public reaction to the series has been very positive with people particularly happy about the true transparency Dawson and Star gave to the business aspect of their collection. The series did not completely avoid controversy, though. As the end of the series approaches, some fans have expressed their discontent with the lack of drama shown in the six episodes. The original trailer Dawson released for the series included several shots related to the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama which took place earlier this year. Dawson and Star were both closely involved with the drama and viewers hoped they would include their reactions and take on the whole situation at some point in the series. Dawson spoke about this in a recent livestream in which he disclosed that he was not sure if he will end up including the entire situation in the series as the drama is from much earlier in the year. 

The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star presented an extremely unique look on the entire beauty world. With its complete disclosure of all of the prices and aspects of creating a collection, the series is something the world has never seen before. It will be interesting to see what the next few episodes will bring to the table and whether or not Dawson will choose to include the drama presented in the original trailer. Overall, the series has been an extremely enjoyable watch so far and is sure to be really intriguing to any fans of the two creators or of the makeup community in general.