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Lizzie Graff

Lizzie Graff, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Lizzie Graff is a passionate and active member of John Adams High School. She values social justice and attempts to ensure equal treatment of everyone in her daily life. As well as being the president of the junior class, she is a part of tons of clubs and activities. These clubs include Spanish Club, Spanish Honors Society, Eagles Going Green, Quiz Bowl, JAVA, Pride Club, Student Advocates for IB Diversity, and Model UN, and is always looking for new activities

Lizzie is very excited to write about various topics; from fashion to politics to pop culture. Lizzie is extremely opinionated and ready to share those opinions with the world. If there was one thing Lizzie could leave this school with, it would be a better fashion sense. One of her favorite things to say is “Boy, what are you wearing?”

Lizzie really values her friendships that she has built throughout high school. For example, a good friend of hers, Oriane Dancler, says, “You could be better. You aight… I guess. Why you ain’t in class?” Oriane and Lizzie share a love for asking people, “Who asked?” which makes their friendship so strong.

Lizzie considers her top three accomplishments to be being a full IB student, being a varsity cheerleader as well as a leader for the team when it comes to restorative justice, and spending her time volunteering for various campaigns and organizations that she supports.

Lizzie values her time as a lifeguard at Potawatomi pool, and is thrilled to be CPR certified, as well as ready to save someone’s life when needed. She carries her passion for history into her second job as a worker at the South Bend History Museum, where she gives tours of the Oliver Mansion.

Although she may get on some nerves, there is no denying that Lizzie cares possibly too much about everything that she does, and that’s what makes her Lizzie Graff.

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Lizzie Graff