Lily Khan

Senior Spotlight


Lizzie Graff, Reporter

Lily Khan is excited to move on to a higher education. Over four years at Adams, Lily has made many fond memories and developed advice for her predecessors and peers. Throughout her high school career, Lily participated in the mock trial team “the Frends”. They have attended state every year since the formation of the team, and have achieved many awards throughout their time participating. Lily has also participated in NHS in her junior and senior years, and has taken advantage of numerous volunteer opportunities including food pantry donating, and cleaning at La Casa de Amistad. 

Lily says that the teacher who made the most significant impact on her time at Adams has been Mr. Graham, the band director. “He has always been a great supporter of my music”. Lily has been super active within the musical field and plans to pursue this further in college. Lily has written over 100 songs and has released music on various streaming platforms. She has also been featured on some smaller artists’ songs. When asked what inspired her to do music, Lily said, “It’s just something I’ve always loved and that just felt right. It’s something that helps me cope and connect with other people. It’s also cool to see how my music makes people feel.”

Lily is a partial IB student, taking all IB Classes including English, Environmental Sciences, Music, Philosophy, Spanish, and World Religions. However, Lily said that if she could talk to her younger self, she would tell her to not take as many IB classes as she did. She said she would have figured out which college she wanted to go to earlier on so she could have had less pressure and stress throughout high school. 

Lily said that her greatest academic achievement is being admitted to her dream school, Sarah Lawrence. Although Lily applied and got accepted into Indiana University, DePaul University, Bard College, and University of Loyola Chicago, she decided on Sarah Lawrence. Lily said, “I really liked their music program and the music classes you can take. I think I’ll be able to expand my knowledge with productions so I can hopefully produce and mix everything myself some day. Also it’s 30 min away from New York CIty”.

Although Lily is moving on to more fantastic opportunities, Lily said she will miss the people she met here. If she could leave the underclassmen of Adams with one piece of advice, Lily said “I would tell them to not overly stress themselves out, and to take classes they want to take. If you burn yourself out to get into a top college life will be much harder.”

You can listen to some of Lily’s music below: