The Best Clubs at Adams

Senior Says…


Joining different clubs is one of the best ways to make new friends and explore your interests. Getting involved in these activities also looks great on college applications! With over 40 clubs at John Adams, deciding which ones you want to be a part of can be overwhelming. Here are some of the best clubs at John Adams!


Spanish Club

“Spanish Club is the best club at Adams that I’ve been a part of during the past four years. I even heard amazing things about it before my freshman year! It’s a club that offers a fun environment with a multitude of engaging activities. Community is a fundamental aspect of the club. It’s a place where students can learn about different cultures and traditions in the Spanish-Speaking world, while connecting with other students. Crafts, events, holiday parties, and community-building activities are what makes this the best club at Adams. The sponsor of the club, Sra. Stanton, has put so much effort into making this the most welcoming and fun club at Adams.” – Marcelina 

“As an officer of Spanish club, I can absolutely attest to its impactfulness on my high school years. I was introduced to the club by my sister Freshman year and have participated ever since. We have so many exciting and unique events. In 2020, we also added the Spanish Honors Society to the club. SHH rewards students for their achievements in Spanish while also encouraging community engagement and service.” – Lizzie


French Club

“We learn about French culture, eat French food, and do a lot of fun activities. It’s awesome because the community is so positive and welcoming. No prior French experience is necessary. Meetings are on Fridays, but contact a French club officer, like Nineth Kanieski-Koso, for an exact schedule/calendar.” – Izzy Camilleri


Art Club

“I may be biased, but Art Club is my favorite club at John Adams. I am the co-president of the club and we have many exciting projects planned for this school year, including making ceramic pinch-pots, celebrating holidays together, volunteering within the community, and going on field trips. Art Club is one of the more laid-back clubs, where students can come and go whenever they wish, depending on their schedule. It’s also a great place to make new friends and try out mediums that you’ve never worked with before” – Marcelina 


Model UN

“I am also a co-president of Model UN. Unfortunately, in these past few years, the pandemic has prevented Model UN from traveling to the in-person conference, but this year we are expecting a deviation in this trend. My freshman year, I had the best time traveling around Chicago and having captivating conversations. Model UN goes to a 4-day conference in Chicago in mid February. Model UN is the perfect club if you don’t have a lot of time. There are only a few meetings (about once a month) before the conference. You have to write a one page paper on the social issue you choose to be in a conference about. You will have a partner and roommates: a great opportunity to meet new people. When you aren’t dressing fancy and attending conferences, you can go shopping, eat, or whatever you choose in the great city of Chicago!” – Lizzie


Ski Club 

“Ski Club is another club that I look forward to every year. Every winter, the John Adams Ski Club climbs into a bus and drives to Swiss Valley, a ski resort 40 minutes northeast of South Bend. Students may bring their own equipment or rent it at Swiss Valley. Free ski and snowboard lessons are also available for all students. It’s an incredible feeling to end your week on the slopes, whether you’re shredding with your friends or going on a solo ride! The crisp January air gives everyone a rush of adrenaline and the amount of memories you make is unrivaled. It’s one of the most liberating and exciting clubs, and you can make friends during any step of the way– especially on the ski lifts.” – Marcelina 


Eagles Going Green

“Eagles Go Green is one of the most important clubs we have at Adams. Recycling is much more time-consuming and expensive than you might think. Eagles Go Green takes teacher’s recycling every Wednesday. If you are interested in helping the environment, this is the perfect club for you. It always leaves me feeling fulfilled. The club is also introducing a new method of reusing called “eco-bricking”. This is helping to incorporate the recycling of plastic into the school.” – Lizzie

“Eagles Going Green, aka recycling club is a club I was a part of last school year. Helping create our school to be more eco-friendly, every week we picked up recycling around the classrooms. While the job was tedious and somewhat messy, the impact it would leave was more important to us.” – Julia


Student Advocates for IB Diversity (SAIBD)

“This club was started my sophomore year, so it is relatively new. The people who created it have since graduated, but their legacy lives on in the club. As an officer of SAIBD, I am super excited to see it flourish this year. The IB program is often extremely skewed: having more privileged/white participants than underprivileged/minorities. This is a problem that absolutely needs to be addressed and solved within the Adams community and internationally. We focus on addressing student suggestions on how to be more inclusive, help eighth graders schedule their classes, and encourage students to branch out and try IB classes, even when they can seem exclusive or intimidating.” – Lizzie


Student Government 

“Student government is a great way to use leadership skills and help voice the opinions of your peers. Serving as Junior class Vice President along with Lizzie last year, it was a great way to connect with our class as a whole. A key reason you should join student government is for future college applications :p. In hopes to continue on this year, I’m hoping to create and further grow friendships with others.” – Julia

“Julia and I have really had a wonderful time being in student government. Running for a position can be really intimidating, but it is so worth it in the end. As president, I find it super important to survey the students of my class and find out what they want to see in the school. We do super fun service projects like decorating the homecoming hallway, choosing spirit week themes, hosting events, raising money, and so much more.” – Lizzie



“Joining the John Adams Volunteer Association last year, the volunteering I did through JAVA created some of the best memories of high school. Having the opportunity to volunteer at new student orientations as well Potawatomi Zoo for Zoo-Boo have both aided in my love for serving others as well as connecting more with others in my grade.” – Julia


Quiz Bowl

“If you are interested in trivia or just learning about new topics, Quiz Bowl is ideal for you. It definitely seems intimidating, but once you attend a meeting, you will discover how inviting the community is. I am by no means a trivia whizz, but my genius boyfriend got me involved last year. Even though he graduated, I decided to keep participating. It is amazing seeing my improvement as I learn more from my classes, experiences, and the quiz bowl tournaments! Around once a week, there are quiz bowl matches against other schools where you attempt to gather the most points as a team. If you love a good rivalry, Quiz Bowl is perfect for you. St. Joe is the ultimate rival for the John Adams Quiz Bowl team!” – Lizzie


Mock Trial

“I have tried to get into many clubs but a lot of them conflict with my schedule. I have tried to join Model UN and Mock Trial. I am currently working out my schedule to attend African Student Association (ASA) meetings. My favorite club at Adams (even though I’m not currently in one) is Mock Trial. I haven’t heard a lot about Mock Trial other than what my friends tell me but it sounds really interesting. The cases and how everyone gets to act out different parts is so cool and sounds fun to be a part of. I think clubs are a good way to meet new people. Clubs help you connect with people that make you feel safe. I feel clubs are so important to join at any grade. There are many different clubs at Adams and you could even start your own if you truly wanted to. Don’t be scared to branch out and join something if you really want to do it.” – Oriane


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