Winter Outfit Inspo


Outfit 3

Lizzie Graff, Reporter

Chestnuts are roasting, bells are jingling, and I am back to give you

more unsolicited fashion advice. Living in South Bend means that you must have a versatile wardrobe and be prepared for steep changes in temperatures and trends. Here are five outfit ideas for the fall and winter months, so you fashio

nistas can stay (partially) warm this frosty season.


  1. In this outfit, I started off with some thrifted, funky patterned pants. What I really like about these is the muted color pallet. Often, patterned pants are too trendy and too difficult to style to keep re-wearing with different outfits. Although low rise pants are impractical and uncomfortable, high rise is so out this season; the perfect compromise is mid rise. The lower waist band is flattering without the intolerable sensation of a button poking into your stomach that a pair of high rise jeans might cause. Additionally, I have a simple burnt orange tank top from Forever 21, paired with a cropped brown cardigan I thrifted. This top is perfect for lounging or going out, and the deep color mixes well with the neutrals from the pants. The short top and cardigan leave the perfect ratio of midriff for that 2000s look. With this look, I paired some thrifted loafer-style heels to bring the look together. 


2. A little warmer and casual, this outfit is the perfect tailgating uniform. First, I had to incorporate some Notre Dame gear. This sweatshirt is oversized and cozy, with a fur lining on the interior. Under it, I paired this sleeveless turtleneck. I thrifted it, so I’m not quite sure what its intended use is, but it has become very useful for me to wear under clunkier garments. I have found several of these at local Goodwills, so go check it out! I also added my neutral (and wrinkly) thrifted khaki pants for that perfect college boy frat look. I would also pair these with my atrocious Nike Air Force Ones. 

3. Next, I had to begin with my favorite thrifted turtleneck. The pale gree

n is the perfect pop of color without being aggressive at all. Over it, I added this oversized, lined leather jacket. This thrifted jacket always feels like I took it off John Travolta’s motorcycle in grease. The distressed fabric and cuffed sleeves bring the grunge look together. I also added these camo green pants for that monochrome look. Finally, I paired this outfit with my mom’s old Converse. The chevron and star are so cute. It just feels so high school! This outfit was definitely “Freaks and Geeks” inspired.

4. Continuing my “Freaks and Geeks” theme, this outfit is one of my favorites. I start off with this simple cropped tank from Brandy Melville. The scoop neck is super comfortable and the

fabric is so soft. Next, I added my thrifted, shaggy, jacket. I love the funky stripes with the oranges, greens and reds. I swear my dad was wearing this jacket when my parents got engaged in 1996. Finally, I paired it with some brown yoga pants, with a low waistband. This is definitely one of my best finds from Target for only $10. I added those old Converse again to pull it together.


Why not combine both of my favorite things right now: turtle necks and stripes? Look no further. This green, tan and blue top is such a good thrifting find. I paired it with my favorite mini skirt, a black spandex skirt from Forever 21. This thing went through several middle school band concerts. If you don’t want to get hypothermia, you can put some tights under that tiny strip of fabric. To tie it all together, I added my Mary Janes from Amazon.