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Marcelina Kukawska

Marcelina Kukawska, Photographer / Reporter

Marcelina Kukawska is one of the newest additions to The Tower and is excited to be able to utilize her passion for creating by contributing to the newspaper. She considers herself to have a unique outlook on various topics and is eager to share her opinions on sustainability, mental health, and environmental issues with the readers of The Tower. She also hopes to write light, useful articles that are relatable to The Tower’s readership. During her time with The Tower, Marcelina aspires to write articles that will inform, entertain, and inspire the readers. 

As an IB student, Marcelina is aware of the value of free time and uses it to create. Whether it’s drawing, film photography, video editing, or sewing clothes, she believes that creating something, anything, is the most wonderful human nature. The desire for self expression through various mediums has led her towards many accomplishments, including national medals and awards from the Scholastics recognition program. Marcelina’s personal accomplishments, however, include that one vegan tiramisu she made last year, as well as mastering the art of snowboarding in the wintertime. Close friends often call her a romantic, as she tends to find silver linings in every situation. She romanticizes the ordinary and is committed to making the most out of every day. Marcelina has a very “yolo” view towards life, which she believes will make her a great addition to the newspaper. She looks forward to writing for and contributing to The Tower. 

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Marcelina Kukawska