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Marcelina Kukawska

Marcelina Kukawska, Creative Director / Reporter

Marcelina, a senior at John Adams, is a returning member and contributor to The Tower. She was named “creative director” of the newspaper, and manages the graphic design, marketing, and visual side of The Tower and student publications. She also enjoys writing articles for the The Tower, covering various topics from contemporary art and social media trends to environmental issues. Marcelina wants to make the most out of her last year at Adams, striving to use The Tower and the yearbook to capture and document the exciting essence of student life and the highlights of her own senior year. 

Close friends of Marcelina often describe her as joyful and self-sufficient, and can all agree that her desire for productivity and creating is borderline obsessive. Marcelina spends the majority of her free time creating art; whether it’s graphic design, photography, or experimenting with fiber art for her IB Visual Arts class, there’s always some project in progress. She hopes to transform her passion and admiration for visual art into a career pathway after high school, combining graphic design and marketing in a way that allows her to continue doing what she loves.

Marcelina is an IB certificate candidate, taking three IB classes this year. Alongside contributing to the newspaper and yearbook, she will be creating her IB Visual Arts portfolio, which she has been drafting for the past year. She is very excited to experiment with more mediums this year and to create a portfolio that will display her ever changing journey with visual art throughout the two-year course.

One of Marcelina’s most recent projects and accomplishments has been raising almost $800 at Art Beat with her friends for the John Adams Art Club, which she will help lead this year as the co-president. During this past summer, Marcelina and her friends created artwork and planned to raise funds at the annual art festival, Art Beat, in downtown South Bend. After a month of planning, organizing, and advertising the sale, Marcelina and her friends raised enough funds to be able to make this the best year for Art Club yet, with field trips and exciting projects already lined up.

Marcelina is excited to start her senior year and has many ideas for The Tower that she can’t wait to share with the community. She has a good feeling about this school year!

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Marcelina Kukawska