The Reopening of the Downtown Library


Lizzie Graff, Reporter

After two long years of waiting, the Saint Joseph County Public Library Main Branch has finally reopened. Was it worth the wait? Yes! Here are all the amenities and fun areas that make it so awesome!

When you first walk in, take a turn to the left to find the updated children’s area. This area is super interactive as well as educational. The “reading train” previously in the downtown library, has been replaced by a make believe cafe and a food truck type seating area. The whole area is covered in pretend vines and is very aesthetically pleasing. 

The most relevant feature to the students of John Adams of the renovated library is the exclusive teen area. If you turn to the left after walking in the door, you will see the children area. Just take a right after entering, and you will find yourself in the teen area. This corner in the library offers tons of literature, including comic books and young adult fiction. There is something for any teenage reader. Books are not the only teenage feature offered, however. There is an entire room dedicated to socializing and having fun. One corner is dedicated to video games, while the floor area is dedicated to board games. A ping pong table and free snacks are some fun additions. 

On the second floor there are quiet spaces and rooms for reading, research, or classwork. You can check out a room to have a study session alone, or even bring friends along. 

On the third floor, you will find local and family history. Here, there are unique and local resources exclusive not only to the South Bend Area, but to the families within. You can research certain areas and families within the Saint Joseph County Area. 

If you take the first floor all the way through to the double doors, you will find a hallway that leads to “Studio 304”, definitely one of the coolest spaces in the library. It obviously contains computers, free for use to library-goers, but it isn’t just any computer lab. There are several different types of printers, including a 3D printer! Not only is there the main area, but there are many recording studios stemming from the lab. These recording studios include microphones and headsets contained in soundproof rooms.