Guide to a Fun Fall in South Bend

Elizabeth Graff, Reporter

As the leaves turn and the weather turns crisp and cool, fall festivities begin to be a delight to participate in. Here is your guide to fall; from orchards and haunted houses to layering crewnecks and tennis skirts, make this fall your best one yet. 

While you might have to adjust your style so that you aren’t comfortable with the newly chilly weather, the new method of layering has come into style. Take any crewneck, no matter the brand. You can buy this from five dollars at your local thrift store. Then, take a turtle neck or collared shirt to layer underneath. Pair this with your favorite pair of baggy jeans or a white tennis skirt. Accessorize with gold jewelry to balance out the lack of patterns. Tight spandex material with crazy patterns and bell bottoms are so in! Zebra and cheetah print are making a comeback after being labeled too bold the past few years. Other trends that are making a comeback include low waisted jeans, argyle patterns, and plaid.  

The South Bend area has plenty of fun, Covid friendly activities to do with your friends and family this autumn. Thistleberry farm is the core of fall attractions including pedal cars, jumping pillows, a cow train, corn mazes, walking trails, climbing towers, petting zoos and delicious snacks. For a ticket price of $8.95, Thistleberry farm offers hours of fun and a safe trip for these concerning Covid times. The Niles Haunted House, otherwise known as the Scream Park, is a frightening attraction and great for a small group of friends. Not only is it a fun experience, it also benefits the community. Niles Haunted House is a nonprofit organization that donated more than $100,000 to local charities in 2019 alone. Open weekends through October 31st and Friday and Saturday, November 6th and 7th, the Scream Park is located on Mayflower Road in Niles, Michigan.

Nurture your body and soul with some good eats. Pick up a pumpkin spice latte at your local coffee shop. Make a batch of Pillsbury pumpkin cookies from the store. Make some squash soup. Toast some pumpkin seeds and season them with salt or sugar. 

Fall is one of the most festive, fun, and activity filled seasons. South Bend has plenty to offer to lead you into a fantastic and safe fall. Spend your October and November surrounding yourself with autumn vibes and good feels.