Fits of the Month



Lizzie Graff, Reporter

As I have witnessed more rain falling than leaves falling during this beginning period of fall, I have been thinking about how difficult it can be to dress for the weather. August and September will forever be the most difficult time for fashion. At the beginning of the school year, I would find myself sweating under a light jacket, but now I find myself freezing in a full sweat suit. Now, I must reward the kings and queens who suffer through the rapidly changing elements of weather to show off their fire fits. Here are my top five fits of the month! 

  1. Jaden Patterson wears this super trendy fit. The argyle sweater vest from Tilly’s may look familiar. All different variations of this pattern have been swarming my Pinterest feed for the past six months. The reason this print has become so popular is because it is traditionally associated with a preppy look. However, in modern day fashion, people are adjusting it, by pairing the pattern with grungier, more dressed down items. Jaden displays this very well with the simple white t-shirt from Walmart, as well as a pair of baggy light wash jeans from Goodwill. Jaden also made the simple mushroom necklace around her neck.
  2. Julia Mania, also a junior, wears this super cute and simple outfit. From Goodwill, the shirt is a complex pattern of swirls and optical illusions, muted by a simple color pallet of nude shades. The lace trim below the bust really adds to the “y2k” babydoll top feel. Her jeans are outliers in this article, though. Although not super skinny, the jeans, from Macy’s, are well fitting and taper more at the calf than what is popular in the other pictures. However,  this style really compliments the shirt, creating a silhouette that isn’t too baggy or too form fitting. The jewelry she is wearing is from a local business, located next to the South Bend Chocolate Cafe downtown. 
  3. Next, Oriane Dancler, a junior, wears a familiar style. Like Jaden, she pairs a short sleeve t-shirt with a sweater vest. What makes hers unique, however, is the textures and colors. The orange t-shirt is a bright contrast to the chunk, cable knit sweater vest. Both of these items are from Tilly’s. Oriane fits the theme in this article, pairing the top with a pair of light wash, baggy jeans.
  4. Jaden Patterson blesses us with yet another fantastic outfit. The first day of spirit week was “cowboy day”. Jaden took this quite literally by wearing this cowgirl shirt from Brandy Mellvile. The “Cowgirl” shirt has become very popular in the last year, especially with the popularity of brown. What makes this outfit so spectacular is the dark tones that she pairs together. The dark brown is complimented well by the dark wash of her jeans from Goodwill. Her hat is from Party City, and her jewelry is, once again, homemade. A modern take on a cowboy might be difficult,  but Jaden played it off well.
  5. Last, Olivia Williams, also a junior, gives us a very blue outfit. Some might even call it a bloutfit. She has a baggy royal blue shirt, thrifted from Goodwill. It might have clashed with the dark wash of jeans, also from Goodwill, but the blues surprisingly compliment each other well. What really brings this outfit together, however, are the perfect sneakers from Nike. They encapsulate both of the shades of blue witnessed in her outfit.