Fits of the Month: April

Elizabeth Graff, Reporter

As the school year comes to an end, you can often see people resorting to less effort when it comes to their appearance at school. But this is not the case for all of Adams students. As students dress with the trends, but also in their own unique style, I have taken the liberty of compiling photos of my favorite outfits worn in the month of May by students of all ages. If you see a random girl approaching you in the hallway and asking to take a photo of your outfit for a newspaper article, do not be alarmed.

Here is a list of outfit by outfit interpretations of what makes each ensemble a “fire fit”. Maybe you can take some inspiration, or possibly submit your own outfit to be featured in next month’s “fits of the month” article, by emailing it to or approaching Lizzie Graff in the hallway asking for a photo to be taken of your outfit.

Outfit one: Freshman, Ana Sofia Macaraschwili, pairs a pink skirt with a white top. Although simple, the outfit is effective at creating a trendy, yet not tacky interpretation of a common outfit seen on social media. The pattern of the skirt with the white, cartoon-like flowers offers a playful vibe that can’t be ignored.

Outfit two: Sophomore, Deireann O’brien, took a unique approach to her outfit. It is very difficult to style a skirt with a longer length because it can often be seen as ‘too conservative’. However, Deireann’s ensemble is glamorous with a green bag and accessories. The length of her shirt is perfect for showcasing the waist of her skirt.

Outfit three: Sophomore, Zaid Delgado, takes a trendy approach to his outfit. A common outfit I have seen through the hallways is the combination of a polo shirt under a sweater. Zaid, however, wore skinny black jeans with a grey sweater and pink polo. The pink polo offers a pop of color. Normally, I wouldn’t like skinny jeans, but paired with the converse and black color, they fit the outfit well.

Outfit four: Sophomore, Joseph Kirner, wears one of my personal favorite outfits featured at school. The corduroy jacket with the graphic tee underneath offers a rustic contrast, with a practical comfort.

Outfit five: Once again, Deireann O’brien shows a stylish outfit. The color brown has become very trendy this season, not to mention the low-waisted and corduroy aspect of the pants. The sweater vest is cropped and has a winter sort of feel to it, which is uncommon for a sleeveless item.

Outfit six: Yes, I did put one of my own outfits in here. The brown and pink combination has become very popular. A pair of baggy, men’s jeans, is commonly paired with a very cropped, sleeveless shirt.

Outfit seven: Oriane Dancler, a sophomore, proves that just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Light, khaki pants can be extremely difficult to style, but when paired with a light grey sweater with blue accents, it makes a cute ensemble.

Outfit eight: A substitute for my English class wore a turtle-neck, under a crew neck which has become a very popular style. The monochrome element of the outfit also adds an interesting twist.

Outfit nine: Another sophomore, Eden Blakemore, pairs a long skirt that reaches her mid shin with a black top and  black cardigan. The black accents in the skirt are perfectly complimented by the upper half of the outfit. My personal favorite part is the black shoes.

Outfit ten: On the left, Cohen Irvine, a freshman, wears ripped jeans and a polo with a blue crew neck. I like the way the polo peaks out from under the crew neck. On the right, Jessie Tootoo, also a freshman, wears a polo with an olive green crew neck.

Outfit eleven: This vintage, fisherman look, worn by Joseph Kirner, is a unique look. The different blues featured in each item might have clashed in theory, but in execution, they look great. I love the  vertical stripes on the shirt, complimented by the solid color of shorts.

Outfit twelve: Oriane Dancler, showcases her use of the trendy brown color. The pants are a solid chocolate color, which is complimented by the brown trim on her orange sweater vest. The t-shirt underneath really draws the look together.

Outfit thirteen: Ana Sofia Macaraschwili, a freshman, wears a mom jean look with a short crop top. The jeans are versatile and let the centerpiece of the outfit, the orange and yellow sun shirt, stand out.

Outfit fourteen: The tennis skirt has become extremely popular recently, especially in the color white. The sweater is over-sized which compliments the short tennis skirt.

Outfit fifteen: Oriane Dancler wears a classic look. The open flannel with the white, solid shirt underneath is a good contrast. The khaki pants don’t distract from the main part of the outfit.