Secilia Scheffler

Senior Spotlight


Elizabeth Graff, Reporter

Secilia Scheffler, a senior at Adams High School has accomplished many things throughout her four years at Adams. Secilia is a captain and middle hitter/blocker on the school’s volleyball team. She has been on the team for four years. Her freshman year, she played on the JV team, but her sophomore, junior, and senior years have all been spent on varsity. Her accomplishments in the sport include MVP and Academic All Academic State awards her senior year. In her junior year, she also received honorable mention for All Conference for volleyball. She started playing volleyball in fifth grade at Saint Joseph Grade school because her mom was the coach there, and she ended up falling in love with the sport. Her favorite parts about the sport are all the fun times she has with her teammates. When asked what some of her favorite memories with her team were, she said “We had a lot of fun times hanging out at practices. This year especially, we were a very close team. We were all best friends and hung out all the time. The bus rides were also really fun and created a lot of good memories. Being at the games and watching or playing were all really memorable and fun.”Some moments outside of volleyball for Secilia that were memorable were at football games. She attended lots of games her freshman year and met a lot of new people and made friends. 


Secilia is a partial International Baccalaureate student. Her most notable classes she is taking are IB Visual Arts, IB Sports, and IB World Religions. She is also an editor for the Adams yearbook. Her favorite classes she’s taken are photography and visual arts. Throughout her high school years, she has received all As except for one class. Secilia participates in the National Honors Society at Adams. She joined NHS because she was looking for more volunteer opportunities as well as a fun activity. Her favorite volunteer activity that she has done was a Summer camp for the boys and girls club where she got to teach the kids how to play volleyball. The teachers that have been most impactful on Secilia’s time at Adams include Mr. Nowicki and Mrs. Worsham. “Mrs. Worsham has always been there and helped me create and influenced my art. I’ve been in yearbook since sophomore year so I’ve had both Nowicki and Worsham for the past three years and they have both helped me create my art” says Secilia.


After highschool, Secilia plans to major in elementary education and either minor or double major in photography or art. She applied to four colleges, including the University of Notre Dame, Purdue University, St. Mary’s University, and Indiana University Bloomington. She plans to attend Indiana University. Her interest in Indiana University Bloomington sparked because her mom attended there. She grew up a big fan of IU and the school has good education and photography programs. She also knows people that attend the school and she hopes to expand her friendships with them. After college, she hopes to become an elementary school teacher because she enjoys teaching young children. 


Secilia’s friends and family would describe her as “shy and kind, but more outgoing and goofy when you get to know her.” Secilia says that she will miss the atmosphere of Adams. When asked what advice she would give to underclassmen, Secilia said, “Just enjoy your time here because it goes by really quickly.” She would also tell her freshman self to join more clubs, be more sociable, and make more friends!