Lizzie’s Terrible Review of the Top 5 Most Streamed Albums on Spotify


Lizzie Graff, Reporter

As one of the least qualified people to be reviewing music, I will be giving my personal opinions on the top five most streamed albums on Spotify of 2021. After my top five movies of 2021, I decided to review what the world thought was good. I neither take a film class or any sort of music class. However, undoubtedly, I do love music and movies. Without further ado, here are my critiques and compliments of what you all were listening to on Spotify

  1. SOUR– Olivia Rodrigo 

I don’t think there is one person that attends John Adams High School who hasn’t heard of Olivia Rodrigo. The seventeen year old had an amazing debut. Released May 21, 2021, SOUR impressively climbed the rankings quickly. With only seven months to climb the charts, Rodrigo is probably racking in insane money. What I think is most impressive about the album is her obvious skill at such a young age. Her voice really suits the unique style she performs. Rodrigo first became famous through the Disney + Series, High School Musical the Musical the Series. Initially, this part turned me off of the album. I personally thought the series was pretty cheesy. However, this album proved differently. I really enjoyed the style of music; from a sweet peaceful melody, to a sort of modern punk rock. Also, it is important to note that I cannot experience this album in full capacity. It encases the feelings of adolescent heartbreak, so I am going to ask my boyfriend to break up with me so I can feel this LP in its full glory. Overall, the album is really great. I think some of the songs can be really repetitive, but the repetition is not necessarily a bad thing. I think it is super amazing that she was able to accomplish so much at such a young age. Society is often harping on teenage girls for virtually everything, so having a young and successful person to look up to is exciting.

My Favorite songs: “jealousy, jealousy”, “favorite crime”, and “traitor”

My least favorites songs: “good 4 u”, “drivers license”


     2. Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa

I am not a huge fan of Dua Lipa’s most famous songs. One Kiss really sounds like elevator music to me. Some of her music also sounds like one of the songs from that one dance game in Club Penguin. Not to mention, the second most streamed album on Spotify was actually released in 2020. I was actually really taken aback that her album was number two in the Spotify Wrapped 2021. Undoubtedly her hit, “Levitating” was on the radio on repeat. But a lot of the other songs on the album, I have not even heard of. On the contrary, on Rodrigo’s SOUR, I knew almost every single song on the album at some capacity, despite never having listened to the music on my own. I ended up liking the songs that weren’t super popular a lot more than “Levitating” or “Don’t Start Now”. I don’t even mean that in some sort of superiority complex, “I’m better than you because my music taste is alternative” sort of way. I genuinely think that some songs on the album like “Good In Bed”, would’ve been more popular. Honestly, it could be on the radio and I would have no clue, but I’m sure it is nowhere near as popular as “Levitating”. 

My favorite songs: “Good In Bed” “Pretty Please” 

My least favorite songs: “Don’t Start Now” “Break My Heart”


  1. Justice– Justin Bieber

Wow. I will preface this one with that I am once again in no way qualified to give my opinions on these albums. This one was truly terrible. I literally had to listen to it in increments. I would listen to one of his songs, and then a song I liked so I wouldn’t rip my ears off. I felt like I was twelve again, so maybe I’m too biased because I have never wanted to feel like I was twelve again.  This album just screams low effort regarding all areas: lyrics, music, fun. All of it just sounded so underdeveloped and generic. Maybe this album is more suited to middle schoolers in 2016 than anyone living in the present day. At this point, it feels like he’s just making an album to keep up with his “Bieberism”. The worst part is that it totally works. He could literally release a song of himself constantly screaming and people would still make it number one globally. I literally have no clue why this is even on this list, but it was kind of goofy. Some people do think it’s good, so maybe I just need to get a time machine and listen to it when I was wearing adidas jackets, khaki pants, and navy collared shirts. 

Songs I Hated the Least: “Peaches” “Lonely”

My least Favorite Songs: “Ghost” “Holy” 

  1. =- Ed Sheeran

This album was super average. Ed Sheeran has always been really average, so consistency is key I guess. Sheeran, like Justin Bieber, seems to be capitalizing only on his name as opposed to his music. It wasn’t quite as torturous as Justice, but I will not be returning to this album. Although, if you are planning to listen to it, Sheeran says it’s intended to be listened to once all the way through chronologically. I did this, and it didn’t work, but maybe it will work for you. 

Favorite Songs: “Shivers”, “Collide”

My least Favorite Songs: “The Joker And the Queen” “Collide”

  1. Planet Her- Doja Cat

This was by far my favorite album on this list. Planet Her actually offers a dynamic of styles. This is also the first album that I felt like I could really dance to. That is one of the most important qualities for me, and this album really hit the nail on the head. Lots of these songs became popular on TikTok which is evident of their catchiness and fun sounds. There is not a single song I dislike on this album. Of course “Kiss Me More” attracted a lot of attention. I absolutely love the combination of SZA and Doja Cat. I’ve been with Doja Cat since her “Mooo” days, and she has only increased in popularity and quality. Planet Her is just a super fun album to listen to. Although I liked SOUR, it isn’t as dynamic and exciting as Planet Her is. Specifically the song “You Right” really changes styles and keeps you captivated as you listen to it. She is equally unpredictable as she is exciting. 

Favorite Songs: “You Right” “Ain’t S***”

My least Favorite Songs: “Why Why”