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Noah Gring
Noah Gring was born September 9, 2001 in South Bend, Indiana. He has six siblings comprised of three brothers and three sisters. He attended Saint Matthew Cathedral School from kindergarten to eighth grade. Noah was brilliant at basketball, lacrosse, student government, and quiz bowl. After Saint Matthew’s, Noah enrolled at John Adams High School. Noah plays lacrosse for the South Bend Bears, and swims for the Eagles. Noah takes passion in nature, zen, sports, and hanging with the broskis. Noah enjoys comedians including: Jim Gaffigan, Bert Kreischer, Anthony Jeselnik, and Gabriel Iglesias. Noah enjoys many forms of music including reggae, hip hop made prior to 2000, classic rock, and EDM. He is a funny guy and a pleasure to be around.

Noah Gring, Reporter

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Noah Gring