How Has Coronavirus Impacted Me?


The quarantine has lasted almost two months and I would never have thought that I would see an experience like this in my life. The effects that this quarantine has had on me have been terrible. I miss seeing my friends on a daily basis, which has caused my mental health to decline far lower than I have ever felt in my life. I miss just going over to my friends’ houses and hanging out with people that are not part of my immediate family. I miss watching sports every day. Luckily, ESPN signed a deal to broadcast Korean baseball, which is actually pretty decent. I never realized that I could actually miss going to school every day. This quarantine has affected my senior year in a negative way. I was not able to attend prom, not able to play my final lacrosse season, and there has still not been a firm decision on graduation. I felt that I still had a lot to learn at Adams High School that I will not be able to take advantage of. I have teachers that were very important to me that I will not see in their classroom again as a student. I have friends at school that I may not see again once we travel down our different paths. In the future, I will learn to not take things for granted. All of the things that I am currently missing were taken for granted. I never thought that something like this could happen on this large of a scale. I will be grateful for the things I get to accomplish in the future, as many people will not be able to do that due to COVID-19. My concern for the future is our ability to work together globally in order to prevent a pandemic like this from happening again. The entire world needs to be prepared to take action immediately if a disease or virus spreads rapidly, so that no one will have to live through a long-term quarantine again. This will be a defining moment in all of our lives, but future generations should not need to fear being trapped at home without a feeling of normalcy.