Does Notre Dame Need to Join a Conference?


Courtesy of Robert Franklin

Noah Gring, Reporter

After their disappointing loss to Georgia on September 21, the classic Notre Dame question arises again. Does Notre Dame need to join a conference? After this loss, it seems more relevant than ever. If Notre Dame decided to join a conference, they would be allowed to lose a game and still be in the conversation for the college football playoff. While being considered an “independent,” Notre Dame needs to be undefeated due to their absence of a conference championship. Notre Dame played a great game against the Bulldogs, with their significant error being a slow start to the second half. Surprisingly, the media gave Notre Dame credit for how well they played against Georgia, which is a rare occurrence. This game was still very upsetting for Irish fans because this is another big game that the Irish could not win. Throughout his tenure, Brian Kelly has not been able to win games against top tier opponents, most notably, Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia. Brian Kelly has lost to both Clemson and Georgia twice throughout his career at Notre Dame. The Irish still have nine games remaining this season, and they must play exceptionally in order to remain in contention for one of the four most coveted spots in college football. One reason why Notre Dame should not be forced to join a conference is that top tier teams spend their first three to four weeks of competition playing FCS or division 2 teams. This is unacceptable. Notre Dame consistently plays strong opponents throughout their season. Most teams and sports media will not accept that this hypocrisy exists, so it looks like eventually Notre Dame will have to join a conference in order to be an annual contender and threat to other football programs around the nation. This problem needs to be resolved soon, as Notre Dame needs to make a name for themselves and stop their constant ridicule.

Should Notre Dame officially join a conference for all sports? (by Noah Gring)

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