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Anna Schrader
Anna Schrader is a sophomore at John Adams High School. This is her second year participating in newspaper, and she is very excited to once again write and take pictures for The Tower. Anna will be head photographer for the 2019-2020 school year. Being a leader can come naturally to her at times, and she hopes that translates into her writing and interviewing. She also really enjoys being involved in current events, and speaking with people about her opinions on today’s topics and issues. By writing for The Tower, she will be able to shed light on issues that today’s generation needs to focus on. She also loves meeting new people with different backgrounds and talking to them. Recently, she has been exposed to the process of putting together a newspaper, and it has been really fun and informative. She hopes to participate in The Tower for the rest of her high school years. Throughout the year, she would really like to be able to work on her speaking and interviewing skills as she becomes more involved with the paper. So if you see her in the hallways, say hello! She loves meeting new people and being able to share her experiences.

Anna Schrader, Reporter / Photographer

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Anna Schrader