Martin Stoner

Senior Spotlight


Martin Stoner out playing on the tennis court.

Anna Schrader, Reporter / Photographer

Martin Stoner is an academic and extremely well versed student at John Adams. During his time in school, Martin has taken six IB classes, including Environmental Systems and Spanish HL. He also threw in some Advanced Placement classes including AP World History and AP US History. Although Stoner does try to challenge himself academically, he also finds it important to take classes he enjoys. “I know that some classes that aren’t as challenging academically can still be super rewarding. Ceramics has been one of these classes for me. I’ve taken it for three years, and even been able to be a teacher’s aide for a couple classes.”


Before coming to Adams, Martin had ran cross-country in middle school. Although cross-country was familiar to him, Stoner knew he had wanted to play tennis during his highschool career. “I played all four years and enjoyed every minute of it,” Martin says.


Stoner not only plays tennis, but also a not so common variation of the game- table tennis. Martin plays at South Bend Table Tennis Club, where he has trained since early middle school. There he has a high level coach who was a former national champion. This allows him to travel to regional and even national tournaments. Martin managed to win the state U18 title in 2019, but had to beat his best friend in the final. “He beat me in the final the year before so we’re even.”


Something that you may not know about Martin is that he biked to Adams just about every day for school. Stoner has been biking to school since elementary school, so it has always come easy to him. “Too bad they didn’t have a ‘worst car’ award for this year’s yearbook,” Martin jokes.


Besides table tennis and biking, Martin also has a strong interest in birds, ecology, and the environment. Stoner was a part of the Science Olympiad his junior year. He especially had fun with the ornithology event, which aligns perfectly with his environmental interests. 


Martin hopes to attend Cornell University to study environmental science and ecology, but his decision is still up in the air. Macalester College in St. Paul, MN is also a strong contender. Martin Stoner is an amazing, well versed individual that we will be seeing great things from in the near future.