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Samuel Villagra-Stanton
Samuel Villagra-Stanton can never be president because he was born in Linares, Chile.  Sam has a lot of interests, such as film, Star Wars, and drawing. Film is his main hobby, as he dedicates a lot of his free time doing (film related things). It’s what he wants his career to be centered around, and it’s something that makes him really happy. He is creative, introverted, and a determined person, competing anything he puts his mind to. His friends would describe him as organized, which is evident by the neatly stacked books on his desk during our interview. He would like to pursue a career in film, which is also his favorite class at Adams. He also spends free time building his resumé. 

Sam is fascinated by adventure books and movies, and particularly enjoys works by Robin Williams.  He enjoys ’80’s music and believes Batman is superior to Spiderman. He is both an early bird and night owl, and finds it easy to complete tasks in either setting. He enjoys peanut butter, but also enjoys exotic foods, such as authentic Indian or Mexican foods. He enjoys travelling to new restaurants to explore the many different styles of food from around the world.. Sam would one day like to learn parkour, and hopes to eventually master it. He is motivated by doing the things that he loves, and finds satisfaction in his success. His proudest accomplishment is how much he has learned about film over the years, and he is excited to continue his passion for film in the future.

Samuel Villagra-Stanton, Movie Critic

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Samuel Villagra-Stanton