Top Five Horror Movies to Watch


October marks the beginning of the season of terror and suspense. To celebrate this, I’ve compiled a list of five suspenseful horror movies that are worth watching.


  1. “Split” was the surprise 2016 hit from director M. Night Shyamalan. It was a dark, suspenseful, and thrilling take on the superhero genre. This film is a subliminal sequel to the 2000 film, “Unbreakable”. Great performances are given all around, especially by James McAvoy as Kevin, as well as his 22 other personalities. The characters in Kevin’s mind were perfectly outlandish, with the standouts being Hedwig and the Beast. The heavily grounded and unique take on the superhero genre puts this thriller at number five.


  1. Coming in at number four is the intense and terrifying sci-fi horror film, “Alien”. Sigourney Weaver is the perfect lead in this solitary, predator and prey movie. Ridley Scott’s direction gives the movie a chilling atmosphere and promotes the idea of isolation. The 1979 horror classic is stunning and more than worth your time.


  1. Jordan Peele’s first film outing, “Get Out”, is a nearly perfect thriller. The film’s lead, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), is extremely likeable. The political commentary that the film presents is not to be overlooked and provides an incredible take on the thriller/suspense genre. This movie easily lives up to the praise with an intriguing plot, earning its place at number three.


  1. The number two spot goes to “IT”. In 1990, Pennywise the clown terrorized the silver screen. 27 years later, he returned in a reboot that outshines its predecessor. The 2017 film is a great horror film, as well as a great commentary on the importance of friendship. Bill Skarsgård performance is terrifying, making it worth the watch. However, the Losers Club adds much more to the film, adding legitimate comedy to a terrifying setting.


  1. At the top of the list is “A Quiet Place”. This unique story turns a film into an experience. The use of sound is amazing, as well as the performance from the entire cast. John Krasinski’s film is beautifully constructed and more than worth the number one spot.The idea of sound in film has never been more unique or well constructed.


Do you agree with my list? Comment down below and let me know what some of your favorite horror movies are.