Co-Star, The Best Astrology App


Marcelina Kukawska, Photographer/Reporter

Astrology is a very controversial concept, yet the consensus of whether or not zodiac signs and horoscopes are real tends to be fairly black-and-white. People are generally divided into those who believe in astrology and the skeptics, leaving little to no room in between. However, knowing one’s astrological sign on a deeper level can be an exciting way to get to know oneself and dive into the meaning behind the said and unsaid. Co-Star is an optimal way to do so. 

Co-Star is an astrology application that has been quickly gaining momentum recently. It not only has an engaging and aesthetic layout and design, but it is also fairly educational. It provides users with detailed information on everything and anything one needs to know about astrology. 

This app needs a user’s date of birth, birth time, and birth location to determine what astrological signs are found in each of the user’s twelve houses of astrology. These houses are accompanied by an in-depth analysis of what aspect of human life each of the houses represent and why each sign is located in the corresponding house. Some of these signs change at very specific time intervals – such as the moon sign, which changes every two hours – due to the planets’ realignment, so providing the application with accurate information is crucial to analyzing one’s identity.

The most well-known zodiac sign is the sun sign. It is the constellation that rules one’s ego and it is the core of one’s identity. Although, contrary to popular belief, the sun sign is only a surface level analysis of an individual’s personality. Planets and stars align in a certain way that results in every person having multiple signs, rather than just one zodiac sign. 

The application provides users with moon signs based on where the moon was at the moment of the user’s birth. The moon sign rules one’s emotions, moods, and feelings. Oftentimes, it is the sign that users can identify with the most since it reflects one’s personality when one is truly comfortable or alone. Co-Star informs the user of what this sign is and provides the user with daily updates that explain how the moon sign correlates with the user’s routine, social life, and emotions.

Co-Star also bestows users with planet signs. Each planet is responsible for a certain aspect of a person’s character, and the app explains how these signs integrate into an individual’s day-to-day life. For instance, Saturn is one of the two social planets, and it harmonizes with how one sets social boundaries, rules their social responsibilities, and self-disciplines. Each planet sign changes on a different basis; some planets stay in a certain sign for a whole generation, indicating that a whole generation is ruled by a specific trait. 

Two additional exciting features of the application are Compatibility and the “Do’s and Don’ts”. Co-Star allows users to connect with their friends and examine their signs through a compatibility lens. The app informs users how well they are destined to get along with each other based on their signs, with detailed explanations of basic identity compatibility, emotional compatibility, philosophical compatibility, and more. 

The “Do’s and Don’ts” are a bit of a conspicuous addition to the app. Every day, two new lists of words are generated, one being the Do’s and the other being the Don’ts. These lists can include mysteriously random words, such as “deflation” or “secrets”, which the app leaves up to the user’s interpretation. The vaguity of these words add to the intriguing and perplexing effect of the app.

Co-star can be an exciting experience for individuals who seek answers, validation, or new conversation topics. Reading about one’s twelve astrological houses might even prove to be enlightening. However, before installing this app, it is important to proceed with the knowledge that an app does not fully understand a person and who they are. People must remember that they have the power to rule their own identity and personality, without the help of planets.