Top Trends of New York Fashion Week FW22

Marcelina Kukawska, Photographer/Reporter

New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2022 gave life to new fashion trends as the runways and city streets became flooded with the latest pieces by designers big and small. The week of style brought inspiration to the streets and pioneered trends that will be visible throughout the upcoming season. These are the most prominent trends that made an appearance in numerous collections of this season’s NYFW.

Crochet and Knit Pieces

Knitwear and crocheted pieces made a significant appearance in New York’s Fashion Week, from articles such as granny square sweaters and jackets to crocheted balaclavas. Crocheting and knitting made its debut in the fashion world this season after proving to be incredibly successful on social media platforms and among small fashion designers. Yarn fashion is not only a cozy and often more sustainable fashion alternative, but it is also exceptionally unique and can be styled in many different ways. 

Clashing Patterns

Something that was once frowned upon and deemed too peculiar to ever be considered fashionable was clashing patterns. However, in this season’s Fashion Week, patterns on top of patterns launched into a rotation like no other. Contradiction became a key theme this season, as patterns fused together to create new fashion statements. 

Big Accessories

Accessories are a staple in the fashion world, and this season their abundance and drastic size have become a notable trend. Big hats, sunglasses, and hair accessories are the latest Fall Winter fad that many designers have adopted in their designs. 

Vibrant Colors

NYFW reintroduced bright, vibrant colors this season, bringing them back into popularity and catching the attention of many by doing so. The trend for exciting and optimistic colors has translated into street fashion, as many influencers and Fashion Week’s followers have begun wearing hot pinks, lime greens, and other spirited colors. 

Corsets and Bustiers

Another noteworthy trend this season is the multitude of corsets and bustier tops that have been incorporated into many designs in this NYFW. Despite this season’s push towards street style and baggy clothes, designers continue to adhere to the classic silhouette of the corset and bustier top. This trend has fluctuated throughout the centuries, dating back to the 1500’s, yet it lingers today, emphasizing the body and transforming it into a part of fashion itself. 

In this season’s New York Fashion Week, innumerable designers became trailblazers of modern fashion and ignited new trends that will echo throughout the world. NYFW FW22 has created a positive uproar among the event’s followers, who will be awaiting the next season’s Fashion Week.