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Emily Clark, Reporter

Emily Clark, a junior at John Adams High School, is excited to be contributing to The Tower this year. Emily hopes to utilize her passion for writing by publishing quality and admirable content. She’s interested in informing the readers of The Tower about current issues in the world. She wants to dive not only into national events but also into issues that are relatable to students and teens. When writing for The Tower, Emily hopes to follow in her father’s footsteps, who had a passive-aggressive approach to news and would become very heated when correcting others about false news. 

 COVID-19 took over Emily’s freshman and sophomore years of high school, including her being more involved in the community at John Adams this year. Emily values her academics greatly, and being a member of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) is an accomplishment and a gateway to more opportunities. 

Outside of school, Emily really values her creativity. There is no limit to what she will pick up, whether it’s learning how to code video games or figuring out how to crochet in a matter of days. Her bedroom is a rainbow-covered archive of all the skills she has absorbed. One day, she would like to explore the possibilities of combining her love for art and technology, such as graphic design. 

Critics (her dad) say that Emily is “a kind and thoughtful person, but garbage when it counts.” And it’s true! Emily was so kind and thoughtful when learning how to drive. So much so, that her driving instructor quit after the third session! Emily’s lovely to be around, but please never ask her to do a left turn. 

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Emily Clark