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Guinevere Clark, Reporter

Gwen Clark, a focused and passionate junior at John Adams, is excited to start her journey with The Tower. With only two years left of high school, Gwen has ambitious plans for the future. She hopes to major in health or science, as they have always been her passions, and will earn her quite the pretty penny. Once out of college, she plans to move to a big city, where she aspires to become rich and live to her full potential. 

As an avid reader, Gwen always has a book on hand, with three more back-ups, just in case. In her free time, she can be found listening to music, taking her dog on walks, or relaxing with a good book. Being very introverted, she tends to hang out by herself more than with people; though when she is hanging out with friends, everyone can have a laugh. Avery Curtis, a close friend of Gwen’s says “Girl idk, you have drive and perseverance”. This causes her to strive to be a better person and continue to motivate those around her. 

Gwen considers her top three accomplishments to be involved in gymnastics for ten years, learning how to french braid hair, and entering the International Baccalaureate program, even with all of the discouragement against it. Gwen considers herself very self-motivated about skills that she wants to accomplish, though she can often get frustrated and give up quickly. Which is why she only learned how to french braid, and not dutch. 

Lastly, Gwen is someone that will always be there for you, such as a shoulder to cry on, and believes that everyone can cry together. Her biggest manifestation in her life is to live at least one main character moment, or to dance in the rain. Gwen is ecstatic to join The Tower and can’t wait to bring her thoughts into writing.

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Guinevere Clark