South Bend Student Hosts Impactful Climate Art Exhibit


Emily Clark, Reporter

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd as a day of global action to raise awareness about environmental issues. Since the holiday’s birth in 1970, the day has been dedicated to promoting sustainability and activism. In South Bend, Indiana, seventh-grader Rebecca W. from Stanley Clark School took a creative approach to bring attention to climate change through an art exhibit at the St. Joe County Public Library.

The art show featured pieces from nine local schools, ranging from pre-K to eighth grade, and included a variety of mediums such as drawings, paintings, and sculptures. The collection was a beautiful visual representation of the urgent need for climate action and filled the room with thought-provoking images covering the walls from top to bottom.

The opening of the art show was on Earth Day and for the public. While talking to Rebecca, she said that her passion for climate change was ignited by reading Greta Thunberg’s book, No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference, in fifth grade.

“[The book] sparked me to be very passionate towards climate change,” Rebecca said.

“I wanted to make a difference… I decided that art was a really powerful message.”

She reached out to the art teachers from the nine contributing schools and asked them to have students create pieces related to the message of climate change. She also mentioned how it took almost a year to form the official collection and event.

“In previous years, Earth Day completely slipped my mind, and I didn’t really think about it, but hosting this event made me more mindful of it,” Rebecca said. 

“Even just creating climate change awareness is more than nothing. [Raising] awareness is the equivalent of picking up trash; there are different levels on how you can help.”

Rebecca’s initiative to organize an art show about climate change is a powerful reminder that everyone has a role to play in protecting our planet. The exhibit not only showcases the talent and creativity of young artists but also raises awareness about the urgent need for climate action. Most importantly, it highlights that impactful contributions can happen at any age, and creativity can be a powerful tool for youth shaping our future.