Senior Advice

Four years of high school later and our seniors have some advice for underclassmen

“You’ll be fine. Calm down.”

–  Emma Hower


“Do what YOU enjoy. You’ll regret missing out on the things that you wanted to do trying to do what everyone else is doing.”

– Loryn Higginbotham


“Stay away from the center staircase.”

– Nigel Pajakowski


“IB is worth it, no matter what other people say. Even doing partial IB will show employers and organizations that you are willing to take on challenging coursework at a young age. That shows maturity, drive, and determination, all qualities employers look for. I hear a lot of people saying that IB is too stressful and not worth it, but it definitely is worth the time and effort you put into it.”

– McKenna Leichty


“Don’t wear your backpack unless you want to be blacklisted by the whole History Department.”

– Molly Hosinski


“Be you. Do not waste your time trying to impress people. It’s a waste of time.”

– Osvoldo Salazar


“Join clubs early on, be unique and don’t join a clique, don’t be too quick to trust your classmates, find a place to volunteer in the community, and most importantly, find outstanding adult role models.”

– Kendall Moore


“Go to class, don’t do drugs, keep the books open.”

– Blake Nowicki


“Just T up whenever you can and be nice.”

– Ellie Graff


“Make the friends that you will want to be friends with after high school. Pick people who will support you and stick with them.”

– Grace Yarger


“Mr. Weaver is NOT and never will be as scary as he seems! But never tell him that Descartes is a monist.”

– Kaitlyn Henderson


“If you walk slow, walk by the lockers. Don’t walk in the middle of the hallway!”

– Caribia Coleman