2020 Senior Will

We asked the graduating seniors what they would leave behind in their “wills.” Here’s what the underclassmen will be getting:


“I leave my dignity. Someone else may find some use for it.”
– Aidan Ross


“I leave all the missing assignments I definitely turned in. Maybe google classroom broke?”
– Cameron Pierce


“I leave the underclassmen all of the brain cells I’ve lost along the way.”
– Sarah Sass


“I leave all the fun & laughter that we had during our 4 years. I leave all the excitement in the student section at home games.”
– Elena Gonzalez


“All of the cares I didn’t give.”
– Noah Gring


“I leave behind all of the banana stickers from the bananas I have eaten over the years. My lockers were decorated with them for a year and a half at one point.”
– McKenna Leichty


“I will leave my graduation cap and gown for anyone that is around my size since I may not be using it this year.”
– Elena Soto


“Some melatonin gummies, those things will be your best friend after a long night of working.”
– Cameron Dobbins


“I leave my ‘RBF’ behind and pass it on to my freshman sister.”
– Cate Garber


“I leave behind my distaste for physical activity (online gym is the way to go!)”
– Kendall Moore


“Big shoes to fill, can’t top the class of 2020.”
– Marka Johnson


“I leave my medals and cheat sheets from science Olympiad to the underclassmen in that group, I hope they destroy next year and they get the shot at the podium that was stolen from us this year.”
– Matthew Carbonaro


“Our senior prank that never got to happen.”
– Maddie Mischak


“I leave my Chromebook charger to whoever has it, I guess. Also, I leave y’all my freshman sister. She belongs to the streets, not me.”
– Ellie Graff


“I leave my little brother Ari my band locker so it can be passed down through all three siblings.”
– Emily Shemish

“I leave behind my six younger siblings who will likely be gracing the halls of John Adams for the next 14 years.”
– Peter Nagy