The Passing of the Inflation Reduction Act


Guinevere Clark, Reporter

Having passed in August, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 shines a new light on the future of America, in regards to inflation and climate change. The main goal of the IRA is to bring down consumer energy costs and create better energy security, all while maintaining clean energy. According to the act, by 2030, roughly 40% of all carbon emissions will be reduced, creating a better environment for future generations to come. 

The Inflation Reduction Act has five key points that will help lead to a better future. The first key point is to lower consumer energy cost, which ultimately makes products more affordable and more Eco-friendly. This will hopefully encourage consumers to become more knowledgeable when it comes to comparing and buying products. The second key point is to increase American energy security, or in other words, it means that America will step away from depending on foreign countries for supplies as much; therefore, creating stable jobs for the working class. This factor would be a substantial benefit for the working class due to the fact that many were released from their jobs during the pandemic of COVID-19. With a stable and secure income, the economy would work smoother and workers would be more willing to put in the effort. The third key point is to decarbonize the economy, or in other words,  helping to reduce emissions from factories, including electrical, agriculture, and transportation industries. This point alone affects this generation and future generations to come. Climate change is affecting the planet and the effect of greenhouse gasses creates the problem that something must be done, and quickly. The fourth key point is investing in disadvantaged communities. Through the progression of this act, communities will not get left behind, and will have the opportunities to change and develop. Lastly, the fifth key point is to invest in rural communities, and help to find ways to fix the problem of climate change. 

However, there is skepticism that the Inflation Reduction Act is everything that it is made out to be. While it is a step in the right direction, decades of doing nothing for the climate has preceded it. Even though the act will have and create some problems within the community, steps and acknowledgement are being made. People are now starting to recognize the risks and drawbacks of the ever moving and evolving economy. A few of the biggest questions are, “Will the problem be caught in time?”, “Will the efforts of the Inflation Reduction Act be enough to change the future of the planet?”, “Will this act be the first step in the right direction to a cleaner future? Or will it be thrown to the wayside and forgotten as the economy moves on to a path of destruction?”

Many might question how the passing of this bill fits into their everyday lives or if they could do something to make sure that action is being taken. Students at John Adams High School have created a club called Eagles Going Green, or better known as EGG. This club promotes ‘green behaviors’ and continues to impact the future of Adams. During an interview with the co-president of EGG, Eavan Kelly gives her views on how Eagles Going Green will continue to promote awareness about the environment, and how the Inflation Reduction Act will affect and influence future generations. “The Inflation Reduction Act, while a major step towards climate justice, will not be successful without action. That’s why EGG will continue to promote taking personal initiative to fight the effects of climate change through both example and education.”

The IRA will hopefully be the first steps in the bettering of the economy and spread awareness to climate change and inflation.