AR-15 National Gun Act


Guinevere Clark, Reporter

AR-15 National Gun Act- Representative George Santos, Long-Island congressman, signs to back a bill that makes the AR-15 the ‘National Gun of the United States’. This news has shocked many, including the New York political establishment. Governor Kathy Hochul calls the move “disgusting” and states that Santos is a huge distraction to New York and the work that needs to be accomplished. Governor Hochul and other House Democrats have submitted a resolution to the House Ethics Committee to remove Santos from office. However, Santos continues to push for the passing of the National Gun Act bill, going as far as to even sport an AR-15 pin during his time in Washington. Santos was the one who pushed for one of the first legislative acts, as a new member of Congress, to sponsor a bill to enact the rifle as the national gun. This blatant act of disrespect for the people that died at the hands of the rifle enrages many, including the loved ones of those that were murdered all over the country; from a racist shooting in Buffalo that killed ten to a mass shooting in Florida that killed seventeen. 

Even though Santos has gained support, he cannot take all the credit for the idea. Alabama congressman Barry Moore, was the brains behind the National Gun Act, introducing it to Congress middle of February. Co Sponsors for the act include, congressman Andrew Clyde, who owns a gun store in Georgia, and congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who runs a gun themed restaurant in Colorado, called Shooter’s Grill. Not only has Santos backed this idea, but he has also been accused of being a “serial liar”, fabricating most of his resume and being caught in between social media riffs, where the other party drags Santos for his behavior. One of the most recent included a tweet by Santos, thanking Nassau County legislator Josh Lafazan, for “stopping by his office”, where Lafazan responded with full force and statements including, “I hosted a protest outside your office calling you to resign….can’t say I’m surprised you chose to distort the truth here – you’re very good at it.”

As news continues to spread of Santos’ unyielding support for the assault rifle, more and more people are coming forward to give statements and explain the logic behind both sides, many times leading to less support of the National Gun Act. Linda Beigel Schulman, a mother to a victim of an AR-15 shooting says, “The man[Santos] is literally a psychopath. We need gun safety. We don’t need to put a prize on something that kills people”.  However, a spokesperson for Santos’ office argues that his constituents have always been staunch Second Amendment supporters, and have the right to speak their minds and state opinions concerning gun use. During his time in office, Santos has signed his name to 23 other bills that are seemingly outlandish when compared with other matters. Upon further look at the bills which Santos has signed his name to include, an act to ban TikTok among his colleagues, and an act to mint coins in appreciation for service dogs.