Midterm Election Updates


Guinevere Clark, Reporter

After the 2022 midterm elections, many are curious how the votes played out. Results are in, surprising announcements have been made, and old and new faces have appeared in deciding our country’s laws and plans. 

Focusing on the Indiana midterm election results, it is not surprising to see that the Republican party, also known as the GOP(Grand Old Party), has taken the winnings. Indiana is primarily a red state, and only has two districts, the first and the seventh, who voted blue. Todd Young(R), won the position for Indiana Senate with 58.7%, against Thomas McDermott(D) with 37.9%. Republicans won seven out of nine of Indiana U.S. House seats, with the voting split between 60% and 30%, favoring Republicans. The Democrats that won the seats had a closer outcome, almost at 50-50. The only office that candidates ran for was Indiana Secretary of State, with Diego Morales(R) in the lead with an outcome of 54.1%. However, this race was close because Democrat Destiny Wells finished with 40.2%, 200,000 votes behind the lead. While Indiana might have won and stayed a Republican state, the Democrats remain in control of the Senate. 

Several days after the election, former president, Donald J Trump, states that he is running once more for presidency in 2024, causing Biden to suggest the same. After Trump’s announcement, there has been a decreasing amount of supporters for him, due to his actions from the 2020 presidential election. Another factor that is causing Trump to lose support is the problem with inflation. Inflation, according to the midterm elections, is the biggest issue for voters. Even though voters claimed to put their support in Republicans to resolve the issue, the GOP did not live up to their expectations, and fingers were pointed to Trump. Voters began to send complaints about Trump’s voting tactics, and his use of extremes, or those who sway voters at the polls. 

Even with the lacking support, Trump still plans to run, and even claims that his candidates did well in the election. With his new slogan, “Make America Great and Glorious Again,” it is clear that his efforts are falling short, and shows that it might be time for new candidates to step in for the role of president. 

After the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the Indiana Supreme Court, passed a new abortion law in August. It states that abortion is illegal, except in cases dealing with rape, incest, fatal fetal anomaly, or life endangerment. However, with the latest ruling, abortions remains legal till 22 weeks of pregnancy, or 20 weeks after fertilization. 

With these new developments, some frightening and others encouraging, change is still needed to better improve the future and the economy of the United States.