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Jonathon Zapf
Jonathon Zapf is a Senior at John Adams who transferred from Trinity School at Greenlawn at the beginning of his junior year in 2018 just for fun. Of course he made the change for more logical and personal reasons, but he’s already explained those reasons many times over on his blog and would rather have you read them there than here in his bio. As far as origin stories go, Jonathon was born in Chicago, considers himself a Chicagoan, and visits his father in Old Town every other weekend, but for the past sixteen years has lived predominantly in the thrilling Corn Belt town of South Bend Indiana. 

Jonathon, naturally, does not have a blog, but he craves attention and hopes to one day become a comedian. Along with being an active member of the John Adams Show Choir year-round, the Varsity Tennis team in the fall, the Lacrosse team in the spring, and the National Honors Society when the mood strikes him, he enjoys the occasional walk with his cat Muffles every Tuesday night.

Although Jonathon does not actually have a cat named Muffles, he does spend a large amount of his time writing, and performing improv, sketch, and stand up comedy, and for the past six years, he has studied in Chicago at The Second City. Recently, relative to when this is being read, he was given a spot on a teen ensemble at the Second City and will spend fourteen straight weekends in Chicago, writing and performing. Outside of Second City, Jonathon was a member of the original cast of the Nearly There improv troupe where he wrote and performed for a little more than a year from 2018-2019. He has also been a part of the Michiana Young Playwrights Project for the past two years where his absurdist-comedy plays the morrow, and Tripping over a Bench were chosen to be performed by Notre Dame theatre majors and Jeff Goldblum.

Unfortunately for the past two years, Jeff has not been able to make it to the actual performances, but Jonathon has had plenty of experience being star stuck while writing his column Mildly Amusing where he interviews comedians from around the country. Whenever Jonathon has any free time, HA!, he dabbles in music composition and works on his college admission essays as he hopes to earn a BFA in Comedic Arts from Depaul University in Chicago. Although he knows that he doesn’t necessarily need a degree in comedy to be a comedian, it wouldn’t hurt. 

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Jonathon Zapf