… with Jonathon Zapf – Episode 1

Manas to Society

Jonathon Zapf, Writer

… with Jonathon Zapf utilizes complete absurdity and a loose improv-based format to break down and completely disregard, all of the common talk show tropes. There is a host and a guest but everything else is up to the viewer’s interpretation. No one is promoting anything. No one knows why they are here and everything makes very little sense. All of this chaos is for the audience’s entertainment.

Our Featured Guest: Manas Khadka, JAHS senior and NHS treasurer

Crew: @Jonathon_Zapf @pnags422

Follow: @WithJZ

We would like to thank the poor souls of the interviewed, may they get hit in the head and never remember what they had to endure and John Adams High School in South Bend, IN for providing the space to organize this chaos.

Created by John Nowicki & Jonathon Zapf

Written by and Starring Jonathon Zapf

Directed by Peter Nagy & John Nowicki