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Ben Allen, Reporter

Ben Allen is an introverted, visionary junior who enjoys everything from a good true crime story to any trashy reality television show. He is an efficient student that is willing to get the job done. Typically, after the panicking phase ends, he manages to complete all those classic essays due at midnight. One of his good friends says, “He can be a panicking disaster in a very organized manner.” Despite often self-destructing with rather challenging classes, he takes great pleasure in knowing he has never failed a class. Some of his accomplishments range from something as simple as successfully passing Chemistry class, to something as pointless as naming all fifty states in twenty-ish seconds, or something personal such as prioritizing one’s mental health even if you feel slightly behind in life. Ben finds anything relating to forensics, criminal justice, or mysteries to be quite fascinating. Although he changes his mind on the regular about what he may want to pursue a career in, his common goal is to pursue something in the criminal justice field. Ben is also an avid television viewer. His greatest interest in terms of television programs range from any drama programs like Magnum P.I. to any trashy reality television programs like Big Brother. He also hopes to one day be cast on a show like Survivor or The Amazing Race to see how the shows work from behind the scenes. It is quite fitting that The Amazing Race is a travel show because Ben also takes great interest in traveling. Even with very little travel experience, he often envisions all the spectacular sites he will potentially visit in the future, like Machu Picchu, Scotland, and Egypt. Outside of school, Ben often likes to be left alone so he can attempt to enjoy the known and to worry less about the unknown.

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Ben Allen