The Mole Review


Ben Allen, Reporter

The Mole is a reality competition show that premiered on Netflix on October 7, 2022 and concluded on October 21, 2022. The competition was hosted by Alex Wagner and consisted of twelve individuals competing in various missions in hopes of winning money for the overall prize pot, as well as finding the one mole within them. After a series of missions, the players must take a twenty question quiz about who they think is the mole. The player who gets the fewest questions correct, will be eliminated from the game.

Immediately following the first mission, it was clear that players Avori Henderson, Dom Gabriel, Greg Shapiro, Joi Schweitzer, Pranav Patel, Will Richardson, and probably most notably, Kesi Neblett would be some of the most active players. Straight out of the gate, it appeared that Joi would also be one of the original players that would be pegged as the mole. Throughout the season, it was no secret that she struggled with anything navigation related despite openly stating that she was a pilot. She also grew more suspicious when she decided to bet nearly all of the prize pot on a shot at safety.

Another player that appeared suspicious, although for strategic purposes, was Avori. However, unlike how Joi appeared, Avori strategically struggled in several missions to throw suspicions on her. In her mind, if more people voted for her, that would keep her safe, considering she was not the mole. She also used her friendship with Pranav to her advantage, given that Pranav was one of the smartest players in the game.

One of the most notable players in the game, even though he was eliminated quite early, was Dom. He was focused on winning money for the prize pot from the start. He was also known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve. It was safe to say he was not pleased when Joi bet nearly all the prize money in order to be safe from elimination. However, a moment of his that really stood out was the mission after he was eliminated. He was given the opportunity to return to the game, if his fellow players still in the game would help him answer various questions. It was an amazing scene to watch all the players basically listen to player Sandy Ronquillo who claimed that allowing Dom to return to the game would ultimately be a disadvantage for all of them. It was also a questionable twist in the game because it only happened once and to one specific person. It could make one think if production set up for the twist to happen at the specific moment they wanted a particular player to return.

One of the most strategic players in the game was Greg. He had a very calm way of describing his strategy during all of the missions. He was also notable as being a team player, yet making it very clear to the viewers that he was playing for himself and only himself.

The winner, Will, took a lot of viewers by surprise. Coming in as the typical jock archetype, he also was focused on winning money for the prize pot and furthering the group together. Though he was not on the same level as some of the other players on a strategic level, he always managed to escape elimination by never getting the most incorrect answers. It ultimately worked to his advantage when he, Joi, and Kesi survived until the very end and he came out victorious. Viewers claimed the finale was quite anticlimactic as some fans believed Will was a rather boring winner, as he did not have many notable moments.

Lastly, the mole. The mole ended up being Kesi who was very under the radar for the first half of the season. It was intriguing seeing the editors make Joi the main suspect throughout the game. It really shows how good Kesi was playing in the beginning. She was incredibly quiet and allowed targets to be painted on players like Joi and many of the other players. One by one, each of the targeted players started going home and Kesi remained in the game.

The mole was definitely a good show and worth the watch. There was a large strategic element that also had another layer of having a mole. Instead of trying to just win the missions, players also need to be focused on keeping the target on or off of their backs. It is another show that brings out the villain in people when money is on the line!