Negotiations Gone Wrong


Ben Allen, Reporter

We immediately return from the previous Tribal Council where the three original Ratu members: Jaime, Kane, and Lauren, are all scrambling due to being left out of the vote. We hear a couple conversations here and there before the next morning when everyone runs off to find the newly planted idol. It is worth noting that within this segment there are a lot of suspenseful soundtracks being played, especially when the camera shows Kane searching. But, the editors played the viewers as Kane did not find the idol. Heidi did. Heidi, like the majority of idol holders this season, chose to tell nobody, not even Danny.

We then see a segment with Carson and Lauren stating how hungry and tired they are, foreshadowing yet another twist Jeff is about to drop. We see that they have found out that the twist is a rice negotiation even though it is not really a “negotiation”. It is mostly Jeff telling the players how many people have to sit out of the Immunity Challenge in order to get rice. Danny and Heidi are very adamant that nobody sits out because they think everyone can tough it out for the remainder of the season. But we learn, not everyone was on the same page.

We move over to the Immunity Challenge where Jeff makes the offer. Carson and Lauren immediately offer to sit out. Kane then offered to sit out which was quite shocking considering his current status in the tribe. The tribe then discusses who is the last person to sit out and Heidi of all people is the one to volunteer. This was actually annoying as a viewer because we just witnessed her and Danny state that no one should sit out and then she decides to sit out.

To recap, the players competing in the Immunity Challenge are Carolyn, Danny, Frannie, Jaime, and Yam Yam. In this challenge, they had to balance on a beam while maintaining pressure on a ball to prevent it from dropping. The last person standing would win. It came down to Danny and Frannie and Frannie once again pulled out immunity.

We return to camp where it is quite evident that the three original Tika members (Carolyn, Carson, and Yam Yam) are in the middle between the three remaining members from both Ratu and Soka. Kane emerged as the target from the Soka three and the Ratu members wanted to split their votes between Danny and Heidi. However, Frannie wanted to use this vote as an opportunity to split up the Tika three.

We then see our delusional queen Jaime paranoid about a Knowledge is Power advantage which is an advantage that allows a player to steal someone else’s advantage. She proceeds to give her idol to Kane in order to maintain it in the Ratu members hands.

We then go to Tribal Council where four people get votes. It really came down to Heidi or Kane. Ultimately, the three Tika members survived and went with the Soka tribe and voted out Kane.