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Abigail Worth

Abigail Worth, Reporter

Abigail Worth, a junior at John Adams High School, is excited to contribute to The Tower as a new member. She hopes to inspire and teach others through her writing. Abby has been working diligently the past two years to do well in school and receive an International Baccalaureate diploma next spring. Abby values equal treatment of everyone and being kind to others. She also cares for the environment and animals. Most of all, she prioritizes her relationships. 

Abby is excited to write about the things she’s interested in the most. This ranges from music to true crime. At times she can be very opinionated and eager to share those opinions with an audience. Her friend, Mars Morse, describes her as a “silly, warm-hearted person.”  Abby’s overall goal at The Tower is to feel that she has impacted someone through her writing.

Abby considers her three biggest accomplishments to be working hard as an IB student, doing well in school, and working long hours all at the same time. Abby considers one of the biggest milestones in her life to be when she got accepted into the IB program at Adams, or when she made the switch from private school to public school. 

When Abby isn’t at school, or working as a barista at Biggby Coffee, you’ll find her doing some of her favorite things:drawing, playing volleyball, and roller skating. Overall, Abby is ready to share her ideas, thoughts, and opinions with others and already has many ideas for her first pieces.  

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Abigail Worth