The Effect of Music on the Psyche


Abigail Worth , Reporter

Seemingly, music isn’t well known for having many benefits or really any significant effect on humans besides listening for pleasure. However, psychology has proven otherwise. There are in fact many benefits to listening to music, from improving cognitive abilities to improving sleep. Ultimately, research suggests that if we listen to music often it can have an overall positive effect on our psychological well being. 

Insomnia is a common problem among the population and studies have proven that while other methods of treating it work, listening to relaxing classical music can drastically improve sleep. Sleep plays an important role in the way our brain functions; for example, if we do not get as much sleep as we need, our cognitive abilities will not work at their best. With this, music can actually be extensively beneficial when it comes to sleep and your overall cognitive abilities. 

Establishing that music can have a calming effect, researchers concluded music may affect our stress levels. Research found that overall calm relaxing music can lower our stress levels and help our body and mind feel more relaxed.  

Due to music’s undeniable effect on our cognitive abilities, it can also help one retain knowledge. Although music has been proven to help in some cases with memory, it ultimately depends on the person. Researchers have concluded that the type of music, the enjoyment of the music, and how musically well-trained the listener is are all key additives to the effects. 

Due to people’s enjoyment of music it can also help to boost our mood, and depending on the music, can put us in a more positive headspace. This fact has also led researchers to conclude that music can additionally help people manage pain. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, or just simply going through a hard time, music can help people feel as though their emotions are being understood. 

Overall, psychology has proven that music can have a positive effect on our psyche and our overall well being.