Reinforcement of ID’s


Abigail Worth , Reporter

With the sudden reinforcement of ID’s there comes the input of the student body and faculty. There has always technically been a requirement of students to wear their ID. However, while few students stuck to the loose rule during the beginning of the year, teachers and other faculty members never truly enforced this rule. Now, however, with an uprising of violence in schools, John Adams is trying to take a step to make the school just a bit safer. Having to wear an ID has proven to be a very controversial opinion between the student body and faculty. 

The student body’s opinion on this matter varies. Some students have very strong opinions and believe it is an unnecessary and, “stupid step,” as one student says. A lot of students said it doesn’t particularly affect them, not making a huge deal out of it . However, some students’ opinions went deeper. One student said, “They disproportionately effect transgender people, and I feel increasingly unsafe and insecure when visually anyone has access to my deadname at a mere glance.” Some students felt very strongly that the ID’s are a violation of minority individuals, specifically people who have changed their name. Other students expressed that they see the point in the reinforcement of ID’s, but that overall it won’t make much of a difference. One student stated, “If the school thinks ID’s will create a safer school that’s fine, but we’re in a climate where nothing is going to keep schools safe but gun control/government action.” So, ultimately, students either do not care that they must now wear ID’s or they feel very strongly that this rule should not be enforced. 

Faculty members’ opinions, however, tended to be a bit more positive. While students may be the ones forced to wear the ID’s, it is put upon the faculty members to enforce this now strict rule. After talking to an abundance of faculty members, there was a general consensus that wearing ID’s is a “safety issue,” and overall for the betterment of the school. Multiple faculty members stated that we have already had an issue this year of people who did not belong at John Adams inside the school and ID’s are a way of preventing further instances like this. Although this is a step to creating a safer school environment, many faculty members admit the rule may have been more effective if the school had enforced it earlier in the year; as it is already the second quarter. One faculty member said, “It’s a fail safe step… My theory is kids are not wearing IDs because we have not been clear as to why this step is necessary.” A lot of teachers stated they make a point to set an example for students by wearing their IDs and pointing out when other students are not wearing theirs. Ultimately, teachers don’t feel too horribly about the reinforcement of IDs. 

Though the student body and faculty opinions differ, it is clear the students and staff within John Adams feel very strongly about the matter.