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Abena Antwi

Abena Antwi, Reporter

Abena Antwi, an Adams sophomore, is thrilled to be a new member of The Tower this year. She participates in various activities including cheerleading, John Adams Volunteer Association (JAVA), African Student Association (ASA), Student Advocates for International Baccalaureate (IB) Diversity, and more. She loves to get active and involved and hopes to join more extracurricular activities this year such as Model UN and Spanish Club. If she’s not doing school work or participating in extracurricular activities, she can be seen binge-watching her favorite show, Criminal Minds, Facetiming her best friend, or volunteering. 

Abena is very passionate about making the world a better, safer place. She hopes to pursue a career in the future that emphasizes these values. Right now, she expresses this passion by volunteering her time wherever it’s needed, whether that is in her local community, at school, or at her church. 

One of Abena’s goals is to successfully become a full IB student in her junior year. Although she is currently undecided about what she wants to study, she also hopes to get into a good college. Abena’s top three accomplishments are skipping a grade, making the JA Cheer Team, and maintaining a very high GPA her freshman year. Her best friend, Leticia, describes Abena as “impatient and annoying, but pretty, smart, and always encouraging”.  Abena loves to travel because she gets to learn about various cultures, and people, and try new food. Traveling also forces her to be adventurous, open-minded and takes her out of her comfort zone. This year, Abena wants to not only become a better writer but to use this platform to become a voice for others.


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Abena Antwi