Emmy Awards 2022: Worst and Best Dressed


Abena Antwi, Reporter

On Monday September 12th, 2022, the 74th annual PrimeTime Emmy Awards aired, set at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. The Emmys give a wide range of awards for the top accomplishments in the national and international television industry. That being said, celebrities must make every effort to appear their best, and judging by this year’s red carpet, the majority failed to do so. Here are my favorite and least favorite outfits at the Emmys this year.


Best Dressed

  1. Zendaya. One thing about Zendaya is that she will always make sure she is on top with her outfits. At this year’s Emmys, she wore a gorgeous, black Valentino gown with a strapless bodice and an attention-grabbing skirt. She paired this look with Bulgari diamond jewels and a pair of diamond studs. I love how the structure of the dress goes from fitted at the top, to full and puffy at the bottom. Princess-style dresses are my absolute favorite, which is why I placed this look at number one.
  2. Andrew Garfield. Garfield dressed in a sleek all-white suit and pants. He accessorized this with black sunglasses, black dress shoes, and a black watch, helping both colors stand out. I put this outfit at number two because I love the white-on-white combination and I love how he exemplifies the color by pairing it with contrasting colors.
  3. Hannah Waddingham. Waddingham wore an elegant, light pink ball gown with silver jewels on the bodice. She complemented this look with shimmering silver earrings and gold bracelets. The beautiful color and lush skirt of the dress caught my eye and made this outfit one of my favorites. I rank this outfit after Garfield’s but before Brunson’s because I love the combination of light pink and jewels, but it’s not as appealing as the white-on-white combination.
  4. Quinta Brunson. Bruson flaunted her sparkling copper off-the-shoulder top and metallic skirt with a high slit and matching heels. She accompanied this look with sheer mesh sleeves and a plethora of sparkling rings. I placed this outfit at number four because the mesh sleeves were a little bit darker than her skin which made the bright jewelry pop out, which caught my eye. Additionally, this look is much more sophisticated than Angela Bassett’s outfit but the texture on the bodice is shell-like which is unappealing to me.
  5. Angela Bassett. Bassett wore a bright yellow bodycon gown. This bright yellow dress featured a sparkly bodice, satin skirt, matching yellow heels, as well as a sash that goes over her left shoulder and ties into the center part of her dress. Although this is one of my favorites, yellow is my least favorite color and there is minimal jewelry, which is why I put this look at number five.


Worst Dressed

  1. Jean Smart. Smart was dressed entirely in white. Her dress style is extremely bland and plain, and has no appealing aspects. Many people think the gown is amazing, but I just don’t see it. Additionally, I don’t like how the back is completely covered up until her neck and the front is more exposed.
  2. Selena Gomez. Gomez has worn some gorgeous red carpet outfits in the past, but sadly, she didn’t carry on that tradition at the Emmys this year. This outfit is just way too simple, especially for Selena and considering she is on the red carpet. There is nothing unique about it, and it looks like she stopped at JcPenney right before she arrived at the red carpet just to buy that dress.
  3. Julia Garner. Julia Garner is wearing a velvet sheath Gucci dress with a diamond cutoff at her stomach area. Apparently platform shoes are a new fashion trend, and in my opinion, they´re not cute at all. The platform shoes paired with the dress just makes the overall outfit look worse.
  4. Sydney Sweeney. Sydney Sweeney’s dress design looks like a curtain I would find at someone’s house in the 1980’s. The attached train makes the outfit look a little better, but it’s still not the best. The outfit also would’ve looked better without the structured waist.
  5. Laura Linney. Laura Linney wore a white dress with black stripes. The peplum at the bust and below the waist absolutely ruins the outfit and puts it as one of my least favorite. Maybe if the peplum continued throughout the whole dress, it would look better, but the fact that it’s only in two certain spots makes the gown look poorly structured.


In my opinion, the looks this year were average, however, some people like Zendaya and Hannah Waddingham stepped up to the plate. Others, like Selena Gomez and Jean Smart, look like they didn’t put in much effort. The outfits this year disappointed me, but I have hope that next year the turnout will be much better.