Adams High School’s African Student Association Hosts Adams’ First Ever Fake African Wedding


Abena Antwi, Reporter

After long months of hard work, planning, and constant challenges, on February 24, 2023, the John Adams High School African Student Association (ASA) hosted a fake African wedding in honor of Black History Month. This event showcased the cultural and traditional aspects of a traditional African wedding, the dishes of various African countries, the vibrant energy and celebration of marriage, and much more.

The event was planned by the members and officers of ASA. The idea derived from the clubs’ own president, Marfowaa Antwi. When asked why she brought up the idea, she stated that she wanted “to showcase African and African American culture and the importance of coming together as one.” 

The wedding ceremony started with the bride’s family walking in. Like a traditional African wedding, the family of the bride and groom typically walk in to kick off the ceremony. They were then followed by the bridal party. The groomsmen and bride danced their way in with Afrobeats music. Guests were then encouraged to participate in games such as musical chairs. After the activities, guests were served a variety of different traditional foods ranging from jollof rice, to jerk chicken, to rich pastries and desserts. After eating, one guest said, “The food was amazing! I was super excited and tried one of everything!” After food, the bridesmaids and groomsmen had their dance battle and everyone was invited to the dance floor to dance and mingle with one another.

Although the event was executed nicely, planning was an underlying issue. Marfowaa mentioned that “everything was fine until the date was approaching. Everything felt stressful and overwhelming that week, but in the end, all turned out fine.”

Finally, after the event concluded, she says, “the turnout was amazing, everyone was in love with the food, music, dances, outfits, decorations, and everything.”

Overall, ASA was very excited to host this lovely event. The club was very happy with the turnout, especially with all the hard work that was implemented into this. The ASA officers would like to thank all who participated and came out to support and witness this wonderful occasion.