Marfowaa Antwi

Senior Spotlight


Abena Antwi, Reporter

Marfowaa Antwi, a thriving John Adams senior and student athlete, is looking forward to enjoying her senior year and is eager to have a great start to the school year. Throughout these past four years, Marfowaa has participated in various extracurricular activities such as Cheerleading, Ladies of Victorious Excellence (L.O.V.E), International Student Organization (ISO), Notre Dame TriO:Talent Search,  National Technical Honors Society (NTHS), and contributing to the JAHS Yearbook, along with starting her own club, African Student Association (ASA),.

Marfowaa was born in Kumasi, Ghana, and moved to America at the ripe age of 14 months. Although she is very family-oriented, growing up, Marfowaa was always a handful to her parents, especially in middle school. That is, until she entered high school, met new people, and finally found herself. High school has helped her mature, grow, and become the person she is today. Church has also always been a huge part of her life. Her fellow church members have contributed to her personal growth and she is pleased to call them her family.

This past January, Marfowaa founded her very own club, ASA. She’s been wanting to start ASA since her freshman year, but Covid unfortunately delayed that dream. She was inspired to start ASA by her friends that are in ethnic clubs at different schools. She also used to watch YouTube videos and tiktoks about cultural clubs and really wanted to start one at Adams. She wanted to create ASA to bring the African Diaspora together and provide a safe space for them to outlet their feelings and celebrate their differences. After lots of planning and arrangements, Marfowaa finally launched ASA in January of 2022, during her junior year. Since then, ASA has hosted about 30 members, and is still continuously growing. 

This school year, she is looking forward to several things such as homecoming, her eighteenth birthday, prom, college and scholarship admissions season, graduation, and traveling. Her goals are to maintain a high GPA, get accepted into her top college choices, win homecoming queen, and receive plenty of scholarships. Some additional things she wants to accomplish are volunteering and shadowing in a hospital, having an overall fun and eventful senior year, and graduating with an Academic and Technical Honors Diploma,  which she is on track to receive. Academic wise, her favorite class is CTE because it is involved with her career pathway. This class specializes in Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy training. Her least favorite class is Precalculus Honors because the material is a bit harder to grasp.

In her free time, Marfowaa enjoys experimenting with hair and makeup, planning church events, listening to Afrobeats, and most importantly: shopping. She is currently working on her college applications and is making great progress. Her top college options are Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Indiana University – Bloomington, and Johns Hopkins University. She hopes to double major in nursing and business administration to later become a neonatal travel nurse and event planner. 

Her favorite memory from these past four years was winning the football game against Saint Joe last year because of the overall energy around the game and the aftermath of it. 

Additionally, Marfowaa wants to use ASA to leave a legacy behind and encourage others to get out of their comfort zone. If she could give advice to underclassmen it would be to “get those grades up, stay active in school, attend school events, and have fun.” Her good friend Jayda describes her as, “attentive, considerate, and sensitive”. Despite her nervousness about the future, Marfowaa is excited to take on the rest of her senior year, and there is no doubt she will leave a memorable legacy on the John Adams community.