Jordan Mihut

Senior Spotlight

Pike Temple, Reporter

Jordan Mihut is a senior at John Adams High School. She is a proud member of the Adams girls soccer team, National Honor Society, the Quiz Bowl team, and will have participated in track for three years after this upcoming spring. She is also very active in the community. Fun fact, according to Jordan, “Something that is unique about myself, that I think the masses should know, is that I am able to hold my breath for over a minute, and am slowly but surely working my way up to two.”

Jordan is an excellent student. Some noteworthy classes that she has taken or is currently taking include IB English HL, Spanish 4 HL, Spanish 5 HL, IB Math Studies, AP U.S. History, Introduction to Construction, show choir/vocal jazz, creative writing, and AP English literature. Jordan also volunteers in the community. Jordan works the concession stand during both girls and boys soccer games as well as some jv football games. She also “has plans to make cards for nursing homes in order to send some love and care as nursing homes and assisted living places have been hit really hard during the pandemic.” For the past six years, She has attended SOS, “a four day summer community service event where we go into the community and throw block parties in low income neighborhoods… Landscape for low- income families, businesses, and camps … hold car washes, and visit nursing homes where we play games and talk with the residents.” For the last four years, she has volunteered at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. She has also served meals at Hope Ministries, an organization determined to help homeless, abused, or addicted people and supply them with food and shelter. Jordan has helped at Heroes Camp as well, an organization whose goal is to foster relationships between boys, young men, and adult men in the community for boys who do not have a father figure.

When asked to elaborate on any memories made during the four years she has attended Adams, Jordan stated, “I’ve had a lot of special moments at Adams, but many of them have come in the seemingly mundane minutes of the day. I’ve had amazing conversations with teachers after I went to them for homework help, bonded and laughed with my classmates over mistakes made on homework, and over time, cultivated deep friendships which all began in the classroom.” Jordan continued, saying, “One special moment in particular, however, is my sophomore year right before the 2018 polar vortex. There was a massive amount of black ice in the parking lot where the buses pick up students. My friend and I decided to step out on the parking lot, not seeing the black ice, and tragically fell in front of what felt like the whole student body. It was a great day. And after that day, school was canceled for about a week which made it even better.” Jordan later added, “I have a lot of memorable moments from my four years, but probably the most memorable ones are from my sophomore and junior year varsity (girls soccer) camping trips. I’ll never forget hearing ghost stories and not being able to sleep, waking up early for sprints, and doing a group meditating session… I have loved playing with the girls soccer team, and no matter if we won or lost, it was always rewarding to play and get to know the girls.”

As a response to the question ‘what is something you would tell your freshman self’, Jordan declared that she would say, “there will be a pandemic in two years, so start accumulating hand sanitizer now” and, “hang out with your friends a lot more.” After pondering the idea that she will be graduating this year, Jordan also mentioned, “Honestly, being a senior hasn’t really hit me yet. I am currently full-time e-learning, so I haven’t been in a classroom in a very long time, and I still feel like I should be completing my junior year.” Some of Jordan’s goals that she would like to accomplish after she graduates include going on to college and pursuing a major in English and one day, pursuing a career in creative writing. Jordan concluded, “I think my main goal when I started high school was just to survive, and I think I have done that so far!”

Alexandra and Hannah Mihut