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Ryden Larimore

Ryden Larimore, Reporter

Ryden Larimore is a junior at Adams. Ryden moved over a decade ago from Cincinnati, Ohio after being born in Seattle, WA. His focus with The Tower is to bring a more musical aspect into the program, as well as backing up and helping alongside some of the comedy projects. Ryden has experience in writing and filming comedy skits, as well as a background in music. He has been a part of multiple shorts and skits directed by his good friend Charlie Barron, also a part of the newspaper staff. Among these are intriguing titles like “Vampire x Vampire Hunter,” “Old Man and The Sea Trailer,” and an unreleased short about a skater. His biggest accomplishments are passing Kallenberg’s chemistry class, writing a pilot for a show that will never be made, and being the best busser at a local Italian restaurant. Ryden’s good friend, Zachary Richardson, describes him as a “cool guy.”. Ryden will take what he can get. Ryden joined the jazz band to be the quiet guitar boy in the corner as a means of seeking attention. He has not succeeded and has largely been ignored, which is why he will try and make a name for himself in the newspaper staff. Ryden believes in the future of the tower, now that he is in it. He will do his best to bring entertaining and useful news to The Tower’s feed, as well as some useless but mildly enjoyable news. 

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The Rutabega

The Rutabega

September 9, 2022
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Ryden Larimore