The Rutabega

Local Band Highlight


Ryden Larimore, Reporter

It seems that local music is eternally sought for, but usually disappointing. Sometimes, there is a reason a band isn’t famous. In Indiana of all places, it can be even more strenuous constantly searching for new names at all the same venues. The goal is to find the groups and acts that deserve some spotlight on a local level, and to bring them to light the best way possible. Among the groups to emerge in South Bend is a band called The Rutabega. South Bend’s constant appreciation for all things indie is likely the reason this group formed and has become as successful as it is. 

 The soundtrack that plays every time a teen has a realization of their irrelevance, entirely made up of songs by Elliott Smith, eventually gets old. But finding another voice that hits as hard, backed by guitar that won’t make someone weep, is difficult at the least. But in the South Bend area, there’s The Rutabega. 

When it only takes listening to a band to understand that they enjoy doing what they’re doing, it makes it enjoyable to hear. Josh Hensley and Garth Mason are undeniable lovers of music. Four albums over the course of 14 years display a folk rock transition to an almost Heatmiser sound. Big noises and raspy harmonies brought together with soft guitar, sometimes adding muffled overdrive that reminds you of a Sleater-Kinney riff. While Hensley’s vocals are reminiscent of Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses.

The duo also partnered with a group called Owen for an album that can only be described as good. No other word perfectly sums up the recording and effort put into the music that makes it up. It is a good album. 

Local bands rely on the support a community can give them, and when it’s enjoyable to support something like this band, it makes it easy for everyone. 

Hopefully the description of the music in this article inspires readers to go listen to the genius that has formed locally. If it did not give an appealing enough argument then please disregard the story entirely and check them out anyways.